Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knollenberg Supports Cheney's Proposition that He Has Executive Privilege to Shoot Anyone He Wants to Shoot ... especially if he has been drinking

After hearing though that Cheney sunk so low as to submit to an interview with Brit Hume today, I did look up the transcript.

He claims he has an Executive Privilege to declassify information that is otherwise identified as classified for purposes of protecting national security.

Cheney did con DumbGeorge into issuing an Executive Order that allows the Vice President to classify and declassify some information -- but for the Vice President, all of his authority is limited to when he is "acting in performance of executive duties". Although neither this executive order amendment by Bush nor the original Executive Order defines "executive duties".

It is highly unlikely a court would consider the Vice President's order to his own shoe-licking underling to release information indicating that Ambassador Wilson cannot possibly be a credible source because although he was a card-carrying Republican and appointed as an Ambassador by Bush himself, his wife was not at home walking around barefoot and pregnant. She had a career. A prestigious and top secret career as a covert CIA agent.

Cheney, and since it has all the slime of a Rove idea, most likely Rove himself, must have pondered long and hard to find some way to discredit a man with the credentials -- long standing and high ranking Republican credentials-- of Ambassador Wilson. They succeeded in getting the Fox News liars to try to make John Kerry look like a sissy (e.g., check out the photos they like to show of him in his bathing suit windsurfing and fumbling a football -- that and they tried to make his perfectly charming and quite brilliant wife out to be some sort of evil witchdoctor woman who controlled Kerry's thoughts and actions) so they thought they would try to do the same to Wilson.

He was retired after all and his wife was still working. That made him a sissy right there in the neo-cromagnan minds of Cheney and Karl "Ugly Dog" Rover. (He used to be called Ugly Dumb Dog but that was too difficult for him to remember or spell so he shortened his own nickname to "ugly dog". What kind of loser would do that? Rover. He isn't much good at anything else.)
So they decided to let the world know that his wife had a job, he didn't and the only reason he went to Niger and investigated the rumors about Iraq trying to buy yellow cake uranium was because his wife had gotten him the assignment.

Never mind that the Cheney/Rove story wasn't true. That never bothers them. Sometimes they appear so unethical that they seem pathological in the way they lie and completely ignore facts or reality. They are only good at making up silly false arguments that are made up of short words that the reporters on Fox News probably cannot spell, but they may be able to read them off a teleprompter without making too many mistakes.

By the way, with Rover's history of unethical acts, of lying to the public, of lying and cheating his way through life because he wasn't capable or competent enough to get a real job -- why would anyone like George Bush -- who has so determinedly tried to fool himself into being important like his Dad and his brother -- want that sort of bottom scavenger anywhere in his organization? Does W realize that he was incapable of accomplishing anything by his own merit? Does he know that he is viewed as ignorant by most of the world? Most people who go to Yale and Harvard like to think of themselves as pretty smart. They are particularly interested in having other people think of them as smart. Just the sight of someone like Rover makes me want to run the other way. He is repulsive.

I wonder what it is like to know that everyone knows you are a fake and that you are likely to be written up in history books as the worst President ever? He wanted a job so he could show his Dad he could succeed. That he was smart enough, that he was good enough....But he isn't! That is the part that is so amazing. He knows it. Most of the world sees it. His supporters are just too busy counting their money to even care. I have never bought a friend. Bush and Rover have no friends except the ones they buy.

I cannot decide which one of them is the worse of the bunch -- Cheney, Rove, Bush, or Knollenberg. Wouldn't you have to be evil to collude with evil?

Although I rarely watch Fox News because I think it is highly unethical for any journalist to express his opinion while spouting what is supposed to be "news". Even the faux journalists that were hired to just look good on camera, don't write any news stories themselves, they just read what shows up on the teleprompters - to provide personal commentary under the guise of news. Does anyone remember when a news cast had a minute or so reserved for editorial comment? They would announce it as editorial and have the person speak in front of a sign saying it was an editorial. That was ethical. I don't care if they want to have a show that is all opinion.
An unethical network hires unethical people and reports on unethical politicians. It must be difficult to keep their lies straight sometimes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In 12 Years Joe Knollenberg Has Never Sponsored any Major Legislation

Bush & Knollenberg Have Not Accomplished Anything Positive or Noteworthy

George W. Bush and Joe Knollenberg are remarkably similar -- they were both elected to office even though neither had any accomplishments to speak of up to that point.

Their elections were handed to them by party members and donors who traditionally fund candidates who are not expected to actually "do" anything while in office other than what they are told by either their Congressional Leadership (Tom Delay) or their "advisers" (Cheney & Rumsfeld).

Less is known about Knollenberg than Bush, but what is most striking is that having been handed the opportunity to do something great for their Country and possibly the world, the former has done nothing and the later has only created harm.

It is difficult to understand why someone with a history of little or no accomplishment would be interested in a position that offered great opportunity for great action, yet take no steps to accomplish anything of merit.

In a recent survey for one of his political opponents in the 2006 election, an overwhelming (76%) number of his constitutents were unable to name him without being given a list of possible answers. (n=867)

Up until a few years ago, Knollenberg's legacy would have been just as bland as his tenure in Congress. However, with the scandals, environmental, economic, and social disasters created by Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party (which is now clearly run by the extremist right wing and generally "uneducated" members).

The Administration that he is so blindly following could give Knollenberg a nasty place in history. He has supported budget cuts for the poor and elderly and has sent American's into a war in Iraq without even giving them protective equipment. He has voted to cut school funding, student loans, and instead opted to give billions and billions of tax payer dollars to wealthy corporations. Historians will review Congress that came in with the Republican "Contract on America" and conclude that they were mislead by their own party leaders and that they misrepresented the interests and views of their constituents. Although there is no penalty for being listed as one the worst Congressman in the history of the Country, it will be a sad and shameful chapter for future generations of his family. His name will not be remembered proudly.

If there is any question about how Knollenberg will be viewed, look at Bush's record. He was a failure before and he has continued to be a failure as President. Since Knollenberg's voting record is 100% consistent with Bush, he shares the blame. Although it may not be reflected in the press today, it will most certainly be written up with the current "press" (including blogs) of the day. Since he hasn't done anything, the only real press for Knollenberg has been his involvement in taking Lobbyist money in exchange for favors like fancy trips to Hawaii and for giving millions of dollars of government contracts to his friends and campaign donors.

Look at George Bush's Legacy -- George W. Bush's legacy will be that of the worst President in the history of the United States. Sadly, his failure as President was foretold by his past. He has never demonstrated competence in anything.

1. Bush Failed In School
Based on even his own statements he was a failure as a student. Clearly, without his Father's name and status in the Republican Party, he would never have been accepted to the elite prep schools he attended. He certainly never would have been accepted at Yale.
He said he was only an average student while at Yale. That hardly seems to meet the criteria for Harvard Business School. It certainly does not meet their criteria for their MBA program. Looking at their current program, Harvard lists minimum criteria and characteristics of potential students as having "Leadership Potential", "Strong Academic Ability", and "Personal Qualities and Characteristics".
A history of drunk driving, fraternity pranks, being AWOL, and having never showed any evidence of being able to be even marginally responsible as an adult and citizen of this Country hardly seems to reflect "leadership potential". His "average" grades would not meet the criteria for "strong academic ability".

He most certainly has "personal qualities and characteristics" -- though none of his could be considered positive. He has terrible communication skills.

2. Bush Failed to Serve His Country in the Military
Although the White House fought to get Dan Rather fired for telling of Bush's failure to complete his service in the National Guard, they never disputed that the story was true. They claim the documents were falsefied. But they never denied the truth of the story. Objective evidence overwhelming shows Bush was AWOL and did not complete his service in the Military.

3. Bush Failed in All of His Business Efforts
First, all of his business ventures were funded by his father, his father's friends, or the Saudi's. When they started to fail, he was usually bailed out by the same "investors". For additional information look up Bush Exploration, Harken Energy, and of course his next company, the Carlyle Group.
4. Bush Has Failed as President
As a President he is bizarrely inconsistent in his positions and explanations of the basis of his activities. He started by proclaiming he wanted Osama "dead or alive" and then just a few months later told us that he wasn't really concerned about Bin Laden.
The only thing that he does do consistently is make statements that are either entirely false, or they oddly describe the opposite of what he is actually doing. For example, he makes statements about how he has built a strong economy but all of the objective metrics show that the only records set in this economy relate to the extent of his failure to grow the economy or create jobs.