Friday, February 29, 2008

Joe Scores Near the Bottom on Animal Rights and Anti-Cruelty

The United States Humane Society released its mid-term scorecard on Animal Rights issues. And guess what, Joe Knollenberg rated near the bottom of the pile.
This video is a good example of why animal issues are so important.

The 2007 report scores lawmakers on their floor votes on legislation to crack down on animal fighting, protect wild horses and burros from slaughter, and stop the imports of sport-hunted polar bear trophies; their co-sponsorship of key bills such as those to stop horse slaughter, require the labeling of fur-trimmed apparel, and end the use of random source dogs and cats (including stolen pets) in research; and their signing of a letter requesting funding for enforcement of animal welfare laws. Members who led as prime sponsors of animal protection legislation receive extra credit.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Activist faces charges after scuffle with police

Activist faces charges after scuffle with police
By Sandra Armbruster
Eccentric Staff Writer

A Rochester Hills Democrat claims that his arrest Monday at a meeting of the Troy-Clawson Republican Forum was politically motivated.

“I did nothing wrong. I will be vindicated,” said Bruce Fealk.

Fealk faces three charges of assaulting a police officer, trespassing, and hindering and resisting arrest. All are misdemeanors punishable by a 90-day sentence, if convicted.

Fealk’s attorney, Paul Stevenson, said Fealk will have to make a court appearance in the case by March 12.

Troy Police confirmed the incident happened, but would not name Fealk as the person arrested, since he was allowed to post a bond and not face an arraignment on what are disorderly conduct charges.

The arrest at the Troy Community Center came after Fealk tried to videotape a forum meeting that featured a panel discussion on Black History Month and civil rights.

Lt. Gerry Scherlinck said a forum “representative told him that it (videotaping) was not allowed. He refused to stop, leave.”

At that point, the community center manager was summoned by forum organizers, who reportedly told Fealk that he would have to stop or leave the building.
Police were called, Scherlinck said, who reiterated that he would have to stop videotaping.

“He refuses, and there was a struggle between him and a police officer,” according to Scherlinck.

Stevenson said that incidents, such as Fealk’s, are sometimes used “to try to criminalise political activity and political speech.” In this case, he said, the city attorney may deem the incident doesn’t merit the “time and taxpayer’s dollars” to pursue.

A political activist, Fealk has actively campaigned against Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg from Bloomfield Township.

According to 9th District Republican Committee Chairman Glenn Clark, Fealk has a record of harassing local elected officials, which prompted forum organizers to call the authorities.

In a Rochester Hills parade, Fealk wore a papier mache head of Knollenberg. He also has demonstrated in front of Knollenberg’s house.

“Mr. Fealk is a radical political activist who knows no boundaries,” Clark said in an e-mail.

Clark says that Fealk is raising funds and campaigning for Democrat Gary Peters, who is challenging Knollenberg for the 9th U.S. House seat. He also called for Peters to say whether he is “with Fealk or against him.”

“I support him (Peters), but I’m not working for him,” Fealk said. He later said that Clark “was technically right, I have raised money for him...But as a citizen, I’m not connected with him.”

The incident was “totally unfair and totally political,” he said, adding that he has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. | (248) 901-2585

Joe on WDET Talking About the Mortgage Crisis

Joe was on the radio today on WDET talking about the mortgage crisis. He tells a story about a woman who needed help and she was able to readjust her budget by stopping her fast food habits at McDonalds and Burger King and voila, she was able to stay in her home. Wow, why didn't I think of that? Cut out fast food and solve the mortgage crisis.

A listener chastises Joe Knollenberg for his vote in favor of the bankruptcy bill.

How Green is Joe? Metro Times Covers Joe and Michigan Congressional Delegation

Today's Metro Times has an article, "How Green is Your Candidate?" Mike Brownfield, Joe Knollenberg's campaign manager feels Joe is being unfairly graded.

But Mike Brownfield, Joe Knollenberg's (R-Bloomfield Hills) campaign manager, says the league's scorecard is.

"This is just another politically motivated hit job by a group with a long-standing record of attacking Republicans," he says. Knollenberg has supported cleaning up the Rouge River, protecting the Great Lakes and improving Oakland County's drinking water during his career — actions and positions that are not reflected in the league's scorecard. "Frankly, it's shocking that they don't consider any of that work," Brownfield says.

To read the National Environmental Scorecard for 2007, go to

Knollenberg Mortgage Counseling Proposal Too Little, Too Late

I came across this little story in today's Oakland Press. Joe Knollenberg and some colleagues want to provide funding for people who are at risk of losing their homes for counseling. This reminds of Joe's health care plan, to provide a tax credit to employers who provide wellness training. It's completely, unequivocally inadequate.

I don't know what it is with Republicans. They think people should just be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, without providing the boots. Republican policies on trade have devastated this country and while I love Bill Clinton, NAFTA was a bad idea and we in Michigan have bore the brunt of bad trade agreements ever since. So, excuse me if I greet Joe Knollenberg's announcement of a counseling program for those about to lose their homes with a health dose of skepticism. They don't need counseling, Joe, they need dollars to pay the mortgage, dollars that we are burning through in that little war Joe Knollenberg supports wholeheartedly, to the tune of $12 billion a month. Imagine what $12 billion could do to help people about to lose their homes. $130 million is a spit in the wind, Joe. They need good jobs that pay good wages, not the $14 per hour the two-tier system adopted in the auto industry. It makes me sick what the Republicans and George W. Bush have done to this country's middle class. They have devastated the middle class at every turn and my hope is that the voters of Michigan and across this country reject Republican policies across the board in November so that we can put America on the track to economic recovery and regaining our standing in the world.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diebold accidentally releases results of election early

Skinner drops bid for Congress in 9th District

Skinner drops bid for Congress in Oakland County

2/25/2008, 5:29 p.m. ET

The Associated Press

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (AP) — Democrat Nancy Skinner is no longer running for Congress in Oakland County.

The former radio talk show host lost to Republican Representative Joe Knollenberg in a close race in 2006.

She was expected to face former state lottery commissioner Gary Peters this year in the Democratic primary in the 9th District, which includes parts of Oakland County.

Skinner announced her decision to withdraw Monday.

She says Democrats need to rally behind Peters, who was beating her in fundraising. Skinner says a costly primary would have jeopardized Democrats' chances of beating Knollenberg in November.

Knollenberg is a major target for Democrats.

Skinner says she will devote more time to her consulting business and appear as a commentator on cable TV shows.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Joe has endorsed John (100 years in Iraq) McCain - Vote Vets New Ad

This is a great ad.

Bruce Fealk's testimony in front of the State Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding

On Friday, February 22, 2008, I drove 4 hours round trip and spent approximately 3 hours on campus at Alma College to have an opportunity to respond to Dennis Lennox's ridiculous assertion that the state delay funding CMU's education budget in response to the hiring of Gary Peters as the Griffin Endowment professor in the political science department.

Fealk and Lennox testify

On Friday, February 22, 2008, I drove over 2 hours to Alma, Michigan. Why? Because the Michigan State Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding was holding a hearing. In attendance was a student from Central Michigan University, Dennis Lennox. You probably haven't heard of Mr. Lennox or if you're a regular reader of the blogosphere, maybe you have. Dennis has been stalking Gary Peters on campus in the dark, on occasion. Dennis is a tool of the Michigan Republican Party.

On Friday, Dennis testified and asked the committee to delay funding to CMU based on his complaint that Gary Peters should not hold a privately funded professorship, which doesn't cost taxpayers one penny, according to the CMU budget.

I also testified in front of the committee and I will be posting video of that testimony later today. Dennis testified that his issue with Mr. Peters is not political, which is a blatant lie. Dennis has even held press conferences with the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Saul Anuzis.

After the hearing, a reporter from the CMU student newspaper wanted to talk to me about the hearing and Michael Westendorf, from Saginaw Valley State University and contributor to the SVSU student newspaper, followed me through the halls until I found an office where I answered questions for the reporter. Westendorf continued to film me through the window next to the door of the office we were in.
I want to make it abundantly clear, even though Dennis calls me a "paid bozo" in an article in the CMU student newspaper, I am not on the payroll of any Democratic organization, nor Gary Peters' campaign.

Dennis seems to be cut from the same cloth as Trent Wisecup, former Chief of Staff of Joe Knollenberg.

Here is a small piece from the CMU student newspaper, CM Life
In contradiction, Bruce Fealk of Rochester Hills, who writes a blog criticizing State Rep. Joe Knollenberg called Vote No on Joe (Knollenberg), spoke to the senators after Lennox.

"I would ask you not take any action," he said.

Peters is running against Knollenberg in November for the 9th district U.S. House seat.

Fealk said he reviewed CMU's budget, and the Griffin Endowment Chair, the position Peters fills, is a privately endowed chair and does not come from taxpayers' dollars.

Lennox said CMU is a public university and taxpayers have the right to ask legitimate questions.

Fealk also said he called all the Board of Trustee members and each reported no complaints from any students about Peters.

"I don't think it's unusual or unethical for him to run for Congress," he said.

Fealk pointed out that three presidential candidates also are senators.

Lennox said Peters should have been at the meeting to defend himself.

"Gary Peters is an adult and a politician, and CMU should be answering these questions, not a paid bozo from Oakland County," he said.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birmingham Eccentric: Peters Sides with Workers

Peters sides with workers

Gary Peters has taken a stance for the working man, calling for economic changes in Oakland County and lashing out at Rep. Joe Knollenberg, his Republican rival for the 9th U.S. House seat.

"I will be a strong voice for the working men and women of Oakland County and will fight to bring and protect high-paying jobs and ensure health care is available," Peters said Wednesday at the Pipe Fitters Local 636 in Farmington Hills.

Peters was joined by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen. Several workers were also in attendance to share their stories of struggle.

"Congressman Knollenberg has partnered with the Bush administration in leveling a disastrous economic policy that has undermined the rights of workers, dished out incentives for companies to invest oversees, and stood idly by, watching the exodus of thousands of Michigan jobs," Peters said.

"Gary Peters is a proven problem solver with a record of results for working families. No one will fight harder on behalf of his constituents and for every Michigan job," Van Hollen said. "Whether it's voting to outsource American jobs or blindly supporting the Iraq war, Joe Knollenberg is one of President Bush's most loyal rubber stamps and is out of touch with the struggles and priorities of working families in this district."

Peters and Van Hollen were joined by Dan Pier, who after 31 years of working for Farmer Jack grocery store lost his job.

"Our current congressman believes that Michigan jobs can not be saved," Pier said. "I do not agree with this. Our present situation calls for someone who will work for us in Washington and in Oakland County and not sit idly by as companies undercut wages and prices while our jobs disappear. We need a change in leadership and I know that Gary Peters will put the priorities of working men and women in Oakland County first."

Joe and his role in beef recall

You've probably heard about this story by now about the huge beef recall, 143 million pounds of it. What you probably don't know is that your Congressman, Joe Knollenberg had a role in this tragedy. HR 3931, introduced by Representatives Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and Steven LaTrourette (R-OH) to prohibit USDA certification of meat from livestock too sick or injured to walk unassisted, making permanent the USDA's administrative ban on "downed cattle" in human food and expanding it to cover other species. The bill had 143 cosponsors. Joe Knollenberg was not one of them.