Monday, February 25, 2008

Fealk and Lennox testify

On Friday, February 22, 2008, I drove over 2 hours to Alma, Michigan. Why? Because the Michigan State Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding was holding a hearing. In attendance was a student from Central Michigan University, Dennis Lennox. You probably haven't heard of Mr. Lennox or if you're a regular reader of the blogosphere, maybe you have. Dennis has been stalking Gary Peters on campus in the dark, on occasion. Dennis is a tool of the Michigan Republican Party.

On Friday, Dennis testified and asked the committee to delay funding to CMU based on his complaint that Gary Peters should not hold a privately funded professorship, which doesn't cost taxpayers one penny, according to the CMU budget.

I also testified in front of the committee and I will be posting video of that testimony later today. Dennis testified that his issue with Mr. Peters is not political, which is a blatant lie. Dennis has even held press conferences with the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Saul Anuzis.

After the hearing, a reporter from the CMU student newspaper wanted to talk to me about the hearing and Michael Westendorf, from Saginaw Valley State University and contributor to the SVSU student newspaper, followed me through the halls until I found an office where I answered questions for the reporter. Westendorf continued to film me through the window next to the door of the office we were in.
I want to make it abundantly clear, even though Dennis calls me a "paid bozo" in an article in the CMU student newspaper, I am not on the payroll of any Democratic organization, nor Gary Peters' campaign.

Dennis seems to be cut from the same cloth as Trent Wisecup, former Chief of Staff of Joe Knollenberg.

Here is a small piece from the CMU student newspaper, CM Life
In contradiction, Bruce Fealk of Rochester Hills, who writes a blog criticizing State Rep. Joe Knollenberg called Vote No on Joe (Knollenberg), spoke to the senators after Lennox.

"I would ask you not take any action," he said.

Peters is running against Knollenberg in November for the 9th district U.S. House seat.

Fealk said he reviewed CMU's budget, and the Griffin Endowment Chair, the position Peters fills, is a privately endowed chair and does not come from taxpayers' dollars.

Lennox said CMU is a public university and taxpayers have the right to ask legitimate questions.

Fealk also said he called all the Board of Trustee members and each reported no complaints from any students about Peters.

"I don't think it's unusual or unethical for him to run for Congress," he said.

Fealk pointed out that three presidential candidates also are senators.

Lennox said Peters should have been at the meeting to defend himself.

"Gary Peters is an adult and a politician, and CMU should be answering these questions, not a paid bozo from Oakland County," he said.


Kathy said...

When a person like Lennox starts throwing around immature comments like "paid Bozo," he loses his credibility in my book. First, you're not "paid" and second, you're allowed to voice your opinion in this matter just like he is - or does he include himself under the description "Bozo" too.

Lennox's 5 minutes of fame was up a long time ago and the media needs to quit enabling this young man.

Bruce Fealk said...

Hear, hear.

Michael Westendorf said...


If you'd like, you can use my web site for the link that goes from my name. It's

It was good seeing you Friday.


Zark-Vader said...


I agree it was inappropriate to resort to name calling and "paid bozo" does nothing to further the debate.

So too though should you condemn Bruce for the name calling he's engaged in.

Bruce Fealk said...

Michael, I would never link to anything you write, except to maybe make an example of your far right wing ideology hurting the country.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chetly, I don't think I've ever resorted to name calling, but I'm sure you'll refresh my memory if I have.

Michael Westendorf said...

Either way, I appreciate the free advertisement.

Have a good one, Bruce.

Bruce Fealk said...

Michael, if that's the kind of "advertising" you like, glad to help.