Friday, June 22, 2007

Knollenberg Votes To Increase Abortions Worldwide!

Joe Knollenberg voted to restrict contraception and increase the number of abortions in the world. The legislation would also have reduced the spread of AIDS in Africa and other poor countries.

Knollenberg voted against HR2764 today even though the bill was described byRep. Nita Lowey, who chairs the committee responsible for the legislation, as legislation to "reduce unintended and high-risk pregnancies and abortions ... and save the lives of mothers." But Joe Knollenberg voted NO.

The legislation passed the House, but Bush has threatened to veto it. This is just another in the litany of examples of Joe Knollenberg blindly obeying the will of George Bush.

Why does Joe Knollenberg hate women so much?

Joe Knollenberg is too Extreme for Oakland County.

Joe on H.R. 811, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act or 2007

H.R. 811 is important legislation to improve voting technology in this country and assure that that there are paper trails to be able to recount in the event of a close election and give voters more confidence in their ballot being counted accurately. I do hope that Joe will support this legislation.

Joe's position on the Employee Free Choice Act

What Joe didn't mention in his letter is that he voted against this important legislation making it easier for workers to join and form unions. Unions are important to middle class Americans being able to earn decent incomes to achieve the American dream. But that's of no real interest to Joe Knollenberg.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rochester/Birmingham Eccentric take note of Knollenberg Race

The Knollenberg race and the volume of Letters to the Editor have been noticed by the local media. Today's Rochester and Birmingham Eccentric ran the article below as proof that Joe is concerned about his race in 2008.

Knollenberg Thinks Embryos Belong in an Incinerator

When fertility specialists fertilize embyros for implantation, they make extra embryos in case the implanted embryos are not carried to term. The extra embryos are frozen in case they need to be used in the future. Once it is determined that the extra ones are not going to be used for fertility purposes, they are then disposed of as medical waste. Since medical wastes are generally incinerated, the embryos are incinerated.

So, by voting against using those leftover embryos for stem cell research -- research that could result in dramatic advances in medical science -- Joe Knollenberg was effectively voting to mandate that those stem cells be incinerated.

Today we know why Joe Knollenberg voted the way he did. Because George Bush told him to vote against the bill. George Bush vetoed the second stem cell research bill this year.

So once again, Joe Knollenberg has voted the way George Bush wanted him to vote.

The only way we will get enough votes to pass a veto proof stem cell law is to put a Representative in Congress who understands the importance of technological advances and supports scientists in their quest for new and exciting discoveries.

Oakland County deserves an independent voice in Congress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Is Joe Knollenberg Trying to Hide?

What is Joe kNOllenberg trying to hide?

"Do Nothing" kNollenberg is notorious for doing favors for lobbyists and campaign donors. Like the time kNOllenberg arranged an $8 million dollar earmark for one of his biggest campaign donors.

But now Joe kNOllenberg is trying to hide something from the public. CNN contacted every member of Congress to find out what "earmarks" they snuck into legislation for FY2008. Joe Knollenberg refused to respond to CNN.

Last year, Congressman like Joe kNOllenberg snuck over $67 billion worth of earmarks into appropriation bills.

Even Republican's are disgusted with kNOllenberg's earmarks. Here is what the ultra conservative Republican Senator Coburn says on his webpage:

For example, Lason Services Inc.’s Beltsville office received a $5.4 million earmark to “make the historical climate record from the mid-1800s available online.” According to OMB Watch, a D.C.-based liberal nonprofit, Lason was awarded two more sole-source contracts totaling $4.7 million for the same purpose in 2006.

When we asked who sponsored the Lason earmarks, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s budget and public affairs office couldn’t tell us. Same response from the legislative office of the U.S. Commerce Department, NOAA’s organizational parent. Ditto NOAA’s Climate Data Modernization Project in Asheville, N.C., which was to receive Lason’s work product, and the House Appropriations Committee staff.

Nobody at Lason would talk, either, even though the firm could be considered by some an odd choice to get federal tax dollars. Lason filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and its CEO, COO and CFO were all either convicted or charged with fraudulently inflating company revenues two years later.

Finally, a spokesman for Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Mich., whose congressional district includes Lason’s headquarters in Troy, Mich., admitted the congressman had asked in 2003 that the financially troubled company be allowed to participate in NOAA’s climate history project.
So there went nearly $10 million down the drain. Joe kNOllenberg has one of the worst records in Congress in terms of how much he wastes on earmarks for his friends.

Again, the information above came from a Republican Senator's webpage. This is not Democratic Party information, nor information from some group who opposes kNOllenberg.

And of course, Joe kNollenberg wants to keep wasting tazpayer money.

That is why Joe kNollenberg consistently votes against legislation that would require that he make his earmarks public so we can see how he wastes money. [HRes 6, RollCall #9. See also, HRes 1000, Roll Call #449.]

Call Joe Knollenberg and ask him what earmarks he has put into legislation lately. I bet he won't tell you.

Joe Knollenberg has a reputation for wasting taxpayer money.

Oakland County cannot afford Joe Knollenberg.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Knollenberg's Real Record on the Auto Industry

Joe Knollenberg's lobbyist has been putting editorials in the local papers saying how Joe Knollenberg is a "champion" of the auto industry.

Joe Knollenberg's voting record shows that he is not only NOT a champion, but he isn't even a supporter of the industry.

  1. Knollenberg voted YES on NAFTA (Rememberg Ross Perot's prediction that it would create a big sucking sound of our jobs to Mexico?)

  2. Knollenberg voted YES on CAFTA (so that we could ship jobs to Central America in addition to the ones that have been outsourced to China and India).

  3. Knollenberg voted YES on a Singapore trade agreement that undermines our industry's ability to compete.

  4. He has voted to give fast track authority to the President so that he can just sign trade agreements without allowing Congress to amend them (even though amendments would be necessary to help our domestic auto industry).

  5. Knollenberg supported the interests of the United Auto Workers ONLY 6% of the time in 2004.

None of the bills listed above are even remotely supportive of the Auto Industry. In fact, they hurt the auto industry and white collar and blue collar workers. The only ones who benefited are the CEOs and CFOs who always take care of themselves first. They got millions while you may lose your pension.

Knollenberg has NEVER introduced legislation to directly benefit the auto industry.

His lobbyist is writing letters to the Press now complaining about legislation that could be proposed some day, but Knollenberg has DONE NOTHING. That of course is where he gets his nickname, "Do Nothing" Knollenberg. It is a very fitting nickname.

Joe Knollenberg doesn't represent the interests of Oakland County voters.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Picture That is Worth Over a Thousand Words

Father's Day for Peace

Joe, being a father, perhaps you can make a donation to help out a victim of the tragedy in Iraq.