Saturday, November 01, 2008

CQ Politics: "Knollenberg is Probably Toast"

Oh, how I've waited to see those words in print. "Knollenberg is probably toast." Be still my heart. We're almost there. I can't wait to see a check mark on television next to Gary Peters' name.

A strong campaign organization bolstered by a heavy independent expenditure campaign by the DCCC have pushed Democrat Gary Peters, a former state senator, slightly ahead in his quest to unseat eight-term Republican incumbent Joe Knollenberg in this district in suburban Detroit’s Oakland County.

“The conventional wisdom here is Knollenberg is probably toast,” said Bill Ballenger, editor of the non-partisan publication Inside Michigan Politics.

The congressman’s problem in part is due to demographic changes in the district, as Democrats make gains in voter registration. “Knollenberg’s district is just changing demographically with the passage of time. Every two years it gets less and less Republican,” Ballenger said.

Another problem is the potential coattails effect from Obama’s campaign, which is now favored to carry Michigan and its 17 electoral votes. Polling indicates Obama leads Republican John McCain by a double-digit margin in Michigan, and a survey released Thursday by the Lansing polling firm EPIC-MRA found that voters statewide give Democrats a 12-point lead over Republicans in a generic congressional match-up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe Takes Contributions from Bridge Owner - Opposes New Bridge. Of Course!

I shouldn't be surprised. One of Joe's contributors, Manuel Maroun, owner of the Ambassador bridge, doesn't want another competing bridge built. So, what would any billionaire bridge owner do? Contribute to the campaign of a Congressman on the House Appropriations committee, $103,000, since 1998, to be exact and then that Congressman opposes the funding for a federal study for a competing bridge. Simple.

From this morning's Detroit Free Press:

More money

Kilpatrick and Knollenberg said campaign contributions have no bearing on their public positions, with Knollenberg calling any suggestion to the contrary "as insane as it is insulting" and Kilpatrick saying her only concern is what's best for her constituents, some of whom would be displaced by the proposed span.

But they are at odds with the position taken by a host of DRIC supporters on both sides of the river, from Windsor's mayor to Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, normally a staunch ally of Knollenberg

Ambassador Bridge officials said the donations are coincidental to the rival span. (Right)

"My contributions are to individuals and have nothing to do with specific issues," said Dan Stamper, president of the Detroit International Bridge Co., which operates the Ambassador Bridge. The company wants to build a replacement span next to the bridge, a proposal that Windsor residents and officials have objected to. Granholm has asked federal officials to expedite a decision on that span.

At taxpayers' expense

Moroun wouldn't comment, but bridge officials said his contributions are motivated more by what's good for the nation than what's good for his business. Stamper said he thinks the DRIC proposal is a waste of taxpayers' money "when there's an alternative that makes better sense."

Part of that argument is about money -- the U.S. cost of the DRIC span could be as much as $1.5 billion -- but state officials say bonds would be issued to pay for that, with tolls covering repayment. Any bridge built by Moroun, they say, would be paid for in the same fashion.

Still, says Knollenberg, taxpayers would be on the hook for the money.

"We ought to look at private enterprise as well," he said.

Click here for the full article.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Is Pretty Ironic. I Received this Mailer Today

Here's Joe Knollenberg's empty seat from the forum at Walsh College.
Here's the mailer I received in the mail today, asking What is Gary Peters Hiding?

Answer: Nothing. Gary showed up last night and took questions from voters. Gary even took a question from Joe Knollenberg's son, Marty Knollenberg.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gary Peters at Troy Candidate forum - Joe's a No Show

This is Joe Knollenberg's empty seat at the form last night in Troy at Walsh College.

Gary Peters got the room all to himself. Joe Knollenberg couldn't be bothered showing up in Troy at Walsh College. Marty Knollenberg managed to show, but dad was just too busy to talk to voters on the issues of the day. Apparently Joe just had to attend a fund-raiser for a dog park in Royal Oak, rather than face the voters of the 9th District.
Peters attended, but Knollenberg declined citing other engagements at Beaumont Hospital, where a $500,000 federal grant for the study of chronic diseases, was being celebrated, and a fund-raiser for a dog park in Royal Oak.

No-show Joe attacks Peters for not answering questions

This is really sad. This e-mail arrived in my inbox today and when I read it, I couldn't help from laughing out loud, LOL, for you younger readers. It may even be an LMAO.

Even though the forum was scheduled months in advance, Joe Knollenberg was too busy to show up and answer questions from the electorate about the issues facing Michigan and the country. Joe doesn't deserve your vote if he doesn't even show up to face the voters face to face.

Lies and Lying Liars
Gary Peters has a bad habit. He likes to hide the truth. He knows that Oakland County's families don't share his extreme views, and he tries to hide them all costs.

But sometimes, when Gary isn't careful, he gets caught. And though Gary tries to run from his own words and spin his own comments, he can't hide from the truth.

Gary Peters supports "Medicare for All," meaning a government takeover of health care that will raise taxes. And it will put middle-class families on the hook for the free health care Peters would provide to illegal immigrants.

No wonder even Barack Obama called a plan like Peters' "extreme" and "wrong."

He said it as plain as day in front of a liberal audience in the spring. But now, he's trying to run away from his own words as fast as he can.

But this isn't the start of something new. It's a long standing tradition. His career of running for office has taught Peters to speak "politician" pretty well.

Peters sends out mailers calling himself a "fiscal conversative," but Peters supports the largest tax increase in American history. Peters’ tax hikes would cost average Michigan families more than $3,000 a year.

Peters was asked at the recent debate five different times, yes or no, would he raise taxes. Peters refused to answer each and every time.

Peters was asked on the radio, yes or no, would have voted to support the emergency economic stabilization legislation. And Peters refused to answer. The host called him "no guts Gary."

Peters refuses to answer questions on his views. And that can only mean one thing: he has something to hide. With views like his, it's little wonder.

Wouldn't you think Joe would show up at the candidate forum in Troy to answer questions from voters if he's criticizing Gary Peters. In fact, Marty Knollenberg, Joe's son, was sitting right in front of me and Marty was bragging after the forum that the moderator asked Marty's questions to Gary Peters about taxes and trade.

Joe was too busy to even show up to answer questions from voters. Isn't a representative supposed to represent his district? How can Joe represent us if he won't listen to us?

So what will Gary Peters do? Shamelessly attack Joe Knollenberg with false and outrageous attacks.

Did you see the one about Joe kicking dogs and hating all animals? Lies. Read the truth.

Did you see the one about Joe being the pocket of big oil? Lies. Read the truth.

Did you see the one about Joe being a rubber-stamp for President Bush? Lies. Read the truth.

Campaigns used to be about something more. They used to be about the issues and ideas the determine the direction of our country and the security of our families.

But that's what Peters is most afraid of. He doesn't want to debate the issues, because he doesn't want to defend his radical views.
Mike Brownfield
Campaign Manager
Knollenberg for Congress

Knollenberg Desperate - Lying About Peters' Record, Stance on Issues

With Knollenberg down 10 points, now Knollenberg has decided to take the John McCain low road in his campaign and just start making things up about his opponent, Gary Peters. I would think that it would be a better strategy for Knollenberg to explain how he would improve the lives of voters in his district, than lying about Peters' record and stance on the issues, especially an issue as personal and important as our health. But no, Joe Knollenberg is taking his cue from McCain/Bush and has decided to take the low road.

No wonder he's 10 points down in the polls. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Peters Challenges Knollenberg Mailers

Gary Peters has come out strong against the Knollenberg mailers that have been arriving in our mailboxes. Click here for Gary's fact check of the Knollenberg lies.

Joe Knollenberg is behaving the same way that John McCain is running his campaign, based on lies, innuendoes and just plain making stuff up.

Shame on you, Joe, but I didn't expect anything different.