Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No-show Joe attacks Peters for not answering questions

This is really sad. This e-mail arrived in my inbox today and when I read it, I couldn't help from laughing out loud, LOL, for you younger readers. It may even be an LMAO.

Even though the forum was scheduled months in advance, Joe Knollenberg was too busy to show up and answer questions from the electorate about the issues facing Michigan and the country. Joe doesn't deserve your vote if he doesn't even show up to face the voters face to face.

Lies and Lying Liars
Gary Peters has a bad habit. He likes to hide the truth. He knows that Oakland County's families don't share his extreme views, and he tries to hide them all costs.

But sometimes, when Gary isn't careful, he gets caught. And though Gary tries to run from his own words and spin his own comments, he can't hide from the truth.

Gary Peters supports "Medicare for All," meaning a government takeover of health care that will raise taxes. And it will put middle-class families on the hook for the free health care Peters would provide to illegal immigrants.

No wonder even Barack Obama called a plan like Peters' "extreme" and "wrong."

He said it as plain as day in front of a liberal audience in the spring. But now, he's trying to run away from his own words as fast as he can.

But this isn't the start of something new. It's a long standing tradition. His career of running for office has taught Peters to speak "politician" pretty well.

Peters sends out mailers calling himself a "fiscal conversative," but Peters supports the largest tax increase in American history. Peters’ tax hikes would cost average Michigan families more than $3,000 a year.

Peters was asked at the recent debate five different times, yes or no, would he raise taxes. Peters refused to answer each and every time.

Peters was asked on the radio, yes or no, would have voted to support the emergency economic stabilization legislation. And Peters refused to answer. The host called him "no guts Gary."

Peters refuses to answer questions on his views. And that can only mean one thing: he has something to hide. With views like his, it's little wonder.

Wouldn't you think Joe would show up at the candidate forum in Troy to answer questions from voters if he's criticizing Gary Peters. In fact, Marty Knollenberg, Joe's son, was sitting right in front of me and Marty was bragging after the forum that the moderator asked Marty's questions to Gary Peters about taxes and trade.

Joe was too busy to even show up to answer questions from voters. Isn't a representative supposed to represent his district? How can Joe represent us if he won't listen to us?

So what will Gary Peters do? Shamelessly attack Joe Knollenberg with false and outrageous attacks.

Did you see the one about Joe kicking dogs and hating all animals? Lies. Read the truth.

Did you see the one about Joe being the pocket of big oil? Lies. Read the truth.

Did you see the one about Joe being a rubber-stamp for President Bush? Lies. Read the truth.

Campaigns used to be about something more. They used to be about the issues and ideas the determine the direction of our country and the security of our families.

But that's what Peters is most afraid of. He doesn't want to debate the issues, because he doesn't want to defend his radical views.
Mike Brownfield
Campaign Manager
Knollenberg for Congress

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Chetly Zarko said...

My understanding is that Gary Peters refuses to allow any of the other legally qualified candidates to join in such forums. In fact, I videotaped another event week ago Sunday where Peters refused to allow a Green Party representative to join the debate, and refused to answer my questions afterward about why. He's certainly entitled to remain silent, but at best, its hypocritical to criticize Joe for not coming to certain events when Gary won't answer the questions of the people who attend them.

Also, Joe participated in the League of Women Voters debate forum just nights before this event.