Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gary Peters at Troy Candidate forum - Joe's a No Show

This is Joe Knollenberg's empty seat at the form last night in Troy at Walsh College.

Gary Peters got the room all to himself. Joe Knollenberg couldn't be bothered showing up in Troy at Walsh College. Marty Knollenberg managed to show, but dad was just too busy to talk to voters on the issues of the day. Apparently Joe just had to attend a fund-raiser for a dog park in Royal Oak, rather than face the voters of the 9th District.
Peters attended, but Knollenberg declined citing other engagements at Beaumont Hospital, where a $500,000 federal grant for the study of chronic diseases, was being celebrated, and a fund-raiser for a dog park in Royal Oak.

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Chetly Zarko said...

Sounds like helping Beaumont Hospital "study chronic diseases" is a LOT MORE VALUABLE TO THE WORLD than talking with Gary Peters, who won't answer questions or give straight answers to questions.

But aside from the valuable of debating Peters, even in the best scenario, these debates have little coverage or visibility and helping Beaumont Hospital seems to me to be a heck of alot more important.

By the way, this event wasn't schedule for months - it was rescheduled from Oct 15 to this date in the last week of the election, at the beginning of the month, because organizers had an issue with a venue.