Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lawbreaker not a Lawmaker!!!

Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-MI-09) sent out a mailing to voters in the 9th Congressional District --- the problem is that it wasn't informational, it was campaign promotional material!!!

It looks like a piece of campaign literature, reads like a piece of campaign literature, but was mailed under the guise of "official business".

Notwithstanding the legality of such a mailing, it illustrates the poor judgment that Congressman Knollenberg has consistently shown when it comes to being fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Joe Knollenberg has not only shown contempt for the voters and taxpayers of the 9th District by sending out campaign propaganda under the guise of being official government business, but he may also have broken the law.

39 USC 3910(a)(6)(A) states:
(6)(A) It is the intent of Congress that a Member of . . . Congress may not mail any mass mailing as franked mail--
(i) if the mass mailing is postmarked fewer than 60 days (or, in the case of a
Member of the House, fewer than 90 days) immediately before the date of any . .
general election . . . in which the Member is a candidate for reelection
Voters Deserve to Know When Their Lawmakers become Lawbreakers.

Knollenberg Supports Privatizing Social Security!!

Joe Knollenberg wants to destroy Social Security by creating a system of private accounts rather than guaranteed benefits.

In response to a questionairre submitted to candidates by the AARP, Knollenberg said he wants to revise the system so that "workers" would "begin investing a portion of their payroll taxes into a private, 401K-style savings plan. . . "

Knollenberg is even opposed to allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices!!!

Whose side is he on? Not our side, that is for sure.

Knollenberg claims "Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare can't be sustained"

JOE KNOLLENBERG is Public Enemy #1 for Senior Citizens.

Knollenberg has consistently voted to cut benefits to Seniors and now he wants to force Seniors to risk their social security checks in the stock market.


"Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare can't be sustained."
(Detroit News, February 1, 2006)

Help fight against Joe Knollenberg!

We need to Get Knollenberg OUT of Congress Before He Takes Away All Benefits from All Seniors.