Saturday, May 24, 2008

Administering the Bush/McCain Challenge in Rochester at the Heritage Festival

We had a great time talking to people at the Heritage Festival in Rochester. Most people already knew the only difference, McCain is older.

George Bush, John McBush and Joe NOllenberg at the Heritage Festival in Rochester

Here's something I'd never do with the real McCain and Bush. But I think the T-shirt says it all.

Joe NOllenberg made a visit to the Heritage Festival in Rochester on Saturday. I think Joe feels America has had enough of his brand of Republican, as you can see from his t-shirt. Enough of George Bush, John McCain and Joe Knollenberg. Joe is pretty tight with George and John. Joe's voted with George W. Bush 94% of the time and most people couldn't tell the difference between George and John McBush when the took the Bush/McCain Challenge. My favorite question was who finished 894 out a class of 899 in college? Answer: John McCain.

Mike Smith of Clawson joins Joe, John and George for a photo op.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dave Woodward, Oakland County Democrat Chair, in Spinal Column on the Peters/Knollenberg race

The May 21 edition of the Spinal Column contains a rather lengthy interview with Oakland County Democratic Party chair, Dave Woodward. Woodward had some specific comments about the Peters/Knollenberg race you may find interesting.
SCN: U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg has been targeted by the Democratic Party and is considered to be vulnerable this year, after barely beating his Democratic opponent in 2006. Tell us why you think Gary Peters can be successful in the general election.

Woodward: Gary Peters understands first and foremost what's most important to the voters of Oakland County, and that's leadership that will help create jobs. Gary, in his own rite, has a huge amount of experience in serving his country in the Navy, serving his community while being everything from being a city councilman to being a state senator, completely within the district, to being an administrator when he worked as director of state lottery and generated record revenues for public education. (He has) all those things combined with broad leadership and values in sync with the priorities of this county, and he knows how to run a campaign. But most importantly he knows how to lead with his values and voters in Oakland County want change. They are sick and tired of the same old policies that have gotten our county and our nation in the situation that it is in. Joe Knollenberg has voted with President Bush almost 100 percent of the time and continues to embrace those failed policies. So voters have to ask themselves are they ready for change, are they ready for a new direction, are they ready for someone who's going to fight for job creation and to keep jobs from being outsourced overseas, investment in our young people in terms of early education and higher education, and protecting our environment.

Joe Knollenberg has scored very low in all of those arenas. Voters will have that opportunity. I'm very confident things are going to change.

SCN: We don't nearly as often hear that U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter is as vulnerable as Knollenberg, but his district has traditionally been a swing area. Please explain why you do or don't think the Democratic Party should shift some of its focus away from defeating Knollenberg and devote more toward knocking off McCotter.

Woodward: I think it's a couple things. I think Knollenberg and McCotter are equally vulnerable. There's no question. I think, again, voters in general want a change. I think when you look at Joe Knollenberg's record, he is extremely out of touch, much more entrenched in Washington. Is he easier? I guess I don't know. I do expect significant resources will be spent in the 11th Congressional District, which Congressman McCotter represents. You have to remember this stuff isn't happening in a vacuum, that we're going to have a presidential campaign like Michigan has never seen before. Whomever that nominee is — and very likely, most likely it will be Sen. Barack Obama — you'll see an immense amount of resources spent to make sure we maximize the turnout of every single voter in Michigan, thereby including both congressional districts. I don't believe at some levels there are significant resources that take on incumbents, unfortunately. It's by flawed design that incumbents automatically walk out with huge leads in these kinds of races. You need candidates who can raise money. You have two democratic candidates who really are breaking records across the country in the amount of money they've been able to raise this early in the game. So that's why there's a lot of attention in the Knollenberg (district) but I wouldn't say that we're writing off the other races. I think we are going to have them and can pull off these elections come November. I think there will be a lot of surprises. There will be races that couldn't have of been won, but will be won because voters are frustrated with the direction George Bush has taken this country, and people want change.

Will Joe Knollenberg Call John McBush and Demand McBush Denounce Hagee?

Some more inflammatory audio has turned up. Now Hagee is outright saying that God sent Hitler and that the Holocaust was a good thing because it forced the Jews to move to Israel. Being raised Jewish, I can't even begin to tell you how offensive I find Hagee's comments. These comments by Hagee and McBush's refusal so far to denounce Hagee is a story that the corporate media needs to bring to the fore. Joe Knollenberg has substantial support among the Jewish population in Oakland County. Will his Jewish support dwindle by his being affiliated with John McBush and McBush's refusal to disassociate himself from Hagee?
Here's the audio of Hagee's comments.

Monday, May 19, 2008

John McBush, Joe Knollenberg and the Republicans are the real Elitists

I found this video today and it points out what a crock of hooey it is when John McBush refers to Barack Obama as an elitist. Obama just recently, with proceeds from his book paid off his student loans. On the other hand, John McBush dumped his first wife for a rich heiress and they own 8 homes across the country. Cindy McCain just divested her portfolio of investments in the Sudan. Apparently she thought that they might be a problem in the campaign and she refuses to ever release her tax returns.

Joe Knollenberg is also wealthy from his prior involvement in his insurance business. Maybe that's why he is so opposed to universal, single-payer health care for all Americans.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Joe Knollenberg and John McBush have a credibility problem

This video points out why Joe Knollenberg and John McBush have a real problem with the American people when it comes to telling the truth.

Oakland Democrats and Gary Peters in Birmingham

Oakland County Democrats were out in force on Sunday in Birmingham's 75th Anniversary parade. Democrats Sheila White Smith, candidate for County Clerk, Gary Peters, candidate for the 9th Congressional District and Jane Boudreau, candidate for Oakland County Sheriff joined the troops as we marched through downtown Birmingham.

Joe Knollenberg wasn't quite so popular. We found Joe's thundersticks in the trash outside the Townsend hotel and there were lots more in trash cans all over downtown Birmingham.