Saturday, May 24, 2008

George Bush, John McBush and Joe NOllenberg at the Heritage Festival in Rochester

Here's something I'd never do with the real McCain and Bush. But I think the T-shirt says it all.

Joe NOllenberg made a visit to the Heritage Festival in Rochester on Saturday. I think Joe feels America has had enough of his brand of Republican, as you can see from his t-shirt. Enough of George Bush, John McCain and Joe Knollenberg. Joe is pretty tight with George and John. Joe's voted with George W. Bush 94% of the time and most people couldn't tell the difference between George and John McBush when the took the Bush/McCain Challenge. My favorite question was who finished 894 out a class of 899 in college? Answer: John McCain.

Mike Smith of Clawson joins Joe, John and George for a photo op.

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MIKE said...

There is hope for this Republic after all. Many people indicated their disfavor - both of Bush and his clone. We also met Bush's 23%- still drinking the cool aid!!