Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joe, You Really are a Hypocrite Now It's Personal

Joe, I'm talking directly to you because I know you and/or your staff read this blog.

I read it in the paper this morning, but I couldn't believe my eyes. As I read your guest column in the Oakland Press I got so mad I could barely contain my anger. Is he actually saying what I think he's saying? Is he really, in essence, blaming women who get breast cancer for their disease because they weren't vigilant enough in doing self exams and having mammograms?

Let me tell you something, Joe. My sister, Joyce, died at the age of 41 from breast cancer. She did her self exams. She had her mammograms. And you know what, she got breast cancer and died any way. She had the best care available, but she died any way. So for you to write on the pages of a major Oakland County newspaper that women have to be more vigilant and to use breast cancer as a way to promote your lousy wellness program as a "health care" program is ludicrous. Sometimes people get sick and it's not their fault, Joe. No wellness program in the world could have prevented my sister's illness and you, sir, are a jerk for even suggesting that your wellness program is the answer for what ails America's health care system. Your legislation wouldn't have helped my sister and it won't help the tens of millions of people in this country that are going bankrupt and dying because they have no health care coverage.

Another thing, Joe, trial lawyers are not the cause of the expense of our health care system either. Oh, I know Republicans like to blame big bad trial lawyers, but it's just not true. What you call frivolous law suits only account for about 1% of the cost of our health care system, not too high a price to pay to have the right to get justice if a negligent doctor harms you. I bet you'd sing a different tune if something happened to one of your loved ones. You'd be in a lawyer's office so fast it would make my head spin if it happened to Sandi or Marty or Steve or your grandchildren. That's the problem with most Republicans. They scream about other people suing big companies or doctors and their insurance companies, until they need to use the system to get what small measure of justice financial compensation provides.

What's even worse, you voted against the expansion of the children's health insurance program that would have covered an additional 10 million children, children that get sick and may not be able to go to a doctor for preventative health care because their parents can't afford it. These days, with $4 a gallon gas, real Americans in your district are having to choose between driving to work and taking their child to the doctor. What are you doing about that, Joe?

Name me one American that doesn't deserve the same health care program you have in Congress, Joe. Can you name even one? I didn't think so. No amount of "personal responsibility" would have saved my sister's life. What's even worse, if she hadn't had health care coverage through her employer, she would not have been able to afford the care she got. Thank god she had an employer that cared enough to have excellent coverage for his employees and didn't instead take your approach, perhaps eliminating employee health care in favor of a "wellness program" and a $200 tax credit.

You, sir, do not deserve the high office you have been serving in for the last 15 years.

My sister Joyce

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Democrats Thrilled with Candidates - Peters Running Hard Against Knollenberg

Today's Oakland Press discusses how the Democrats in Oakland County are really excited about their prospects of winning in the fall, especially the race against Joe Knollenberg, now that Peters has national assistance. Other county-wide races are looking good too with the best candidates in years. Click here to read all about it.