Saturday, May 19, 2007

146 non-military Americans Killed In Iraq

The NYT reports that the first 3 months of 2007 were the bloodiest in Iraq for civilian contractors working with our troops in Iraq.

There have been 917 of these non-military Americans killed in Iraq.

That means we are approaching 3,500 American deaths in Iraq.

And for what?

To create a failed state?

To fan the flames of a civil war that had been civil up until Bush and Knollenberg decided to invade Iraq?

Joe Knollenberg is Out of Touch With Oakland County Voters.

Vote No on JOE!

Stop fund the war, Joe. We all know it's a lie!

Knollenberg Votes NO on Pay raise for Troops

Joe Knollenberg says he "supports the troops".

We can expect to see ads for his next campaign on how he "supports the troops".

Joe Knollenberg says he "supports the troops", but his voting record says otherwise.

Joe Knollenberg consistently votes AGAINST our troops.

Knollenberg thinks he should make nearly $170,000/yr (plus a full pension and free health care for life), but he voted against giving the troops a 3.5% pay raise. [HR 2207, Rollcall 336, 5/10/07]

Why does Joe Knollenberg say he supports the troops and then votes against them every single time?

It is time for us to vote against Joe Knollenberg. Vote No On JOE!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Joe, here's a show you ought to watch 5/18

Joe, I know your staff is watching this site on a daily basis, so I hope you get to see this before you leave for ... oh, I forgot, you've probably left Washington D.C. already, but maybe your staff is still going to check out this blog before the end of the day. There's an important show on PBS tonight I thought you'd want to know about. You might learn something, Joe. In case you miss it Joe, it will be streamed at after it airs on PBS.

Here's another report about the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

Miles to Go (Why can't America's car companies build a 100 mpg car)

Many of the cars now on America's roads get no better gas mileage than the ones we were driving twenty years ago. Meanwhile, other country's cars are leaving ours in the dust in terms of fuel efficiency. How did this happen, and what are American auto manufacturers doing about it?A former auto industry engineer and NOW correspondent Jonathan Silvers goes under the hood of the U.S. car industry to look at what's being called a colossal failure of American engineering. Does Detroit have a secret weapon waiting in the wings?

Joe Knollenberg is Protecting George Bush, Not America

Joe Knollenberg continues to give George Bush unconditional support in the debacle in Iraq.

This disaster has harmed our military by decreasing their readiness, drained our treasury, and destroyed the lives of thousands of American troops and their families.

But Joe Knollenberg just continues to vote for George Bush.

In this 60 second clip, General Wesley Clark discusses how the Iraq war has harmed our military.

I can't wait until we start running these ads against Joe Knollenberg.

Joe Knollenberg is too extreme for Oakland County.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knollenberg Can't Even Protect a Dog, How Can You Trust Him to Protect You?

Once again, a major public health issue has arisen and Joe Knollenberg is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Every day the taineted pet food scandal expands into including more and more brands of pet food, and now, FDA is looking into how the poisoned product from China has gotten into the human food supply. They know for example that chickens ate the tainted food and those chickens have been sold for human consumption.

But Joe Knollenberg Has Done Nothing About the Problem.

If Joe Knollenberg does nothing about poisoned pet food, what makes you think he could/would do anything about:

- high mercury levels in canned tuna
- dangerous levels of steroids and antibiotics in meat and dairy products
- poisoned wheat and rice gluten from China
- hazardous materials in household products
- contaminants in your air or water supply
- transmission of contagious diseases such as bird or pig flu

If the government can't even figure out how to guarantee that we have adequate supplies of influenza vaccines every year, how can they possibly be trusted to protect us from anything else?

Yet, once again, Joe Knollenberg has failed to do anything about these problems. Once again, he doesn't even mention them on his website.

Joe "DO NOTHING" Knollenberg
Is Not Serving the Interests
of the People of Oakland County.

Joe holds "Townhall"

Apparently Joe held a conference call he refers to as a "Townhall." I wasn't invited. I wonder who was. Here is the entry from Joe's "blog" about the townhall.

It would be nice if Joe held a real townhall where the public was notified in advance. But we know Joe isn't brave enought to invite ALL his constituents, only the ones that agree with him. Another Republican coward.

Townhall Meeting Report
by Rep. Knollenberg
May 15th, 2007
Tonight I held my very first Teletown Hall meeting with my constituents in the 9th District. Utlizing the most modern technology, my office phoned 35,000 households in Oakland County to ask them to participate in a Q&A session with me from the comfort of their homes. More than 6,500 people participated at some juncture during the 1 hour townhall meeting. At one point, there were nearly a thousand participants on the call. This was a great opportunity for me to share my views on the major issues I’ve been working on in Congress. I discussed my efforts to promote alternative fuel research, wellness in the workplace, and scholarships for math, science, engineering, and health education. I took questions on Iraq.
Several of my constituents asked very good questions about the economic troubles in Michigan and what we can and need to do to promote small businesses and keep manufacturing strong in our state. There were questions on combating illegal immigration and declining home values in Michigan. All in all … I thought it was a great event and I am grateful for the time my constituents spent asking questions. I look forward to hosting more of these modern townhall meetings in the future.

I would have liked to have asked Joe a question. How about you? I'd also like to know which constituents were invited and from what list and whether government funds were used to make the calls and for the cost of the call itself and whether any press was on the call. Maybe I'll file a Freedom of Information Request and maybe Joe's office will answer those questions.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Are You Listening Joe?

George Bush has not listened to the Commanders on the ground in Iraq.

Bush's escalation is only increasing the slaughter of our troops who have been placed in the crossfire of a civil war between two fanatical religious sects.

George Bush's failed plan has decimated our military, created more terrorists than there were before, and overall made America less safe.

Joe Knollenberg has given unconditional support to Bush's escalation of war in Iraq.

What will it take to make Joe Knollenberg listen?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

When is Enough going to be Enough, JOE?

When is enough, enough?

How many more U.S. troops have to die before Joe Knollenberg will wake up and realize that our troops need to be redeployed -- that they are just being slaughtered in the crossfire of a religious civil war that has been brewing for hundreds of years?

How Many More LIES Do We Have to Listen To from

People are Dying for Knollenberg's Vote

People are dying by the dozens for Joe Knollenberg's vote.

But Joe Knollenberg is ignoring the death and destruction. He is too busy going to Tiger baseball games and watching the Pistons playoffs.

Here are some of the events in Iraq today:

- Truck Bomb Kills 50 in Northern Iraq

- 115 Hurt in Attack Near Office of Top Kurdish Party

- 17 Dead & 46 Wounded in Blast in Baghdad Market
- 2 More U.S. Troops Killed Today

- At Least 126 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq Today

Today, Mother's Day here in the U.S., has been one of the most violent days Iraq has seen. The Mothers of the 2 U.S. troops killed today are not watching the Tigers or the Pistons or any other team. Their grief is unimaginable.

But Joe Knollenberg doesn't even care about those grieving mothers, or wifes, or sisters, or daughters. He doesn't even mention "Iraq" as an issue on his website. Nope.

Joe Knollenberg is ignoring the disaster in Iraq and just hoping it goes away. Come 2008 we'll all be able to ignore him and he will go away.

Tell us something we don't know, Joe

Talk about stating the obvious, Joe. For six years of the Bush regime, Joe Knollenberg was one of the most powerful Congressmen in the Congress. What did he do for Michigan manufacturers, not much. One thing I love about Joe's articles in local newspapers is that he states the problem with no solutions, as he does in his latest article. In some cases he has a woefully inadequate solution, as he does in his joke of a health care plan to give $200 tax credits to employers for instituting health care prevention programs in the workplace, totally neglecting the real problem in America, 46 million uninsured citizens.

When Joe was in the majority he did virtually nothing to help the manufacturing sector in Michigan, and god knows we could have used the help. The Big 3 has been virtually ignored by this White House and all Joe has done is stand by and watched.

Now that he's in the minority, Joe wants to try to ignore the fact that he's a Republican, the party that has caused more manufacturing to go to foreign countries for cheap labor than at any time in history. That's why in 2008 Joe will be history and a Democrat who really cares about middle class Americans will be elected in the 9th Congressional district of Michigan.