Thursday, May 17, 2007

Knollenberg Can't Even Protect a Dog, How Can You Trust Him to Protect You?

Once again, a major public health issue has arisen and Joe Knollenberg is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Every day the taineted pet food scandal expands into including more and more brands of pet food, and now, FDA is looking into how the poisoned product from China has gotten into the human food supply. They know for example that chickens ate the tainted food and those chickens have been sold for human consumption.

But Joe Knollenberg Has Done Nothing About the Problem.

If Joe Knollenberg does nothing about poisoned pet food, what makes you think he could/would do anything about:

- high mercury levels in canned tuna
- dangerous levels of steroids and antibiotics in meat and dairy products
- poisoned wheat and rice gluten from China
- hazardous materials in household products
- contaminants in your air or water supply
- transmission of contagious diseases such as bird or pig flu

If the government can't even figure out how to guarantee that we have adequate supplies of influenza vaccines every year, how can they possibly be trusted to protect us from anything else?

Yet, once again, Joe Knollenberg has failed to do anything about these problems. Once again, he doesn't even mention them on his website.

Joe "DO NOTHING" Knollenberg
Is Not Serving the Interests
of the People of Oakland County.

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