Thursday, May 17, 2007

Joe holds "Townhall"

Apparently Joe held a conference call he refers to as a "Townhall." I wasn't invited. I wonder who was. Here is the entry from Joe's "blog" about the townhall.

It would be nice if Joe held a real townhall where the public was notified in advance. But we know Joe isn't brave enought to invite ALL his constituents, only the ones that agree with him. Another Republican coward.

Townhall Meeting Report
by Rep. Knollenberg
May 15th, 2007
Tonight I held my very first Teletown Hall meeting with my constituents in the 9th District. Utlizing the most modern technology, my office phoned 35,000 households in Oakland County to ask them to participate in a Q&A session with me from the comfort of their homes. More than 6,500 people participated at some juncture during the 1 hour townhall meeting. At one point, there were nearly a thousand participants on the call. This was a great opportunity for me to share my views on the major issues I’ve been working on in Congress. I discussed my efforts to promote alternative fuel research, wellness in the workplace, and scholarships for math, science, engineering, and health education. I took questions on Iraq.
Several of my constituents asked very good questions about the economic troubles in Michigan and what we can and need to do to promote small businesses and keep manufacturing strong in our state. There were questions on combating illegal immigration and declining home values in Michigan. All in all … I thought it was a great event and I am grateful for the time my constituents spent asking questions. I look forward to hosting more of these modern townhall meetings in the future.

I would have liked to have asked Joe a question. How about you? I'd also like to know which constituents were invited and from what list and whether government funds were used to make the calls and for the cost of the call itself and whether any press was on the call. Maybe I'll file a Freedom of Information Request and maybe Joe's office will answer those questions.

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Joel said...

So he used an automatic dialer to call Republicans in his district? Latest technology? Sounds like those telemarketer I got on the "don't call" list to avoid.