Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tell us something we don't know, Joe

Talk about stating the obvious, Joe. For six years of the Bush regime, Joe Knollenberg was one of the most powerful Congressmen in the Congress. What did he do for Michigan manufacturers, not much. One thing I love about Joe's articles in local newspapers is that he states the problem with no solutions, as he does in his latest article. In some cases he has a woefully inadequate solution, as he does in his joke of a health care plan to give $200 tax credits to employers for instituting health care prevention programs in the workplace, totally neglecting the real problem in America, 46 million uninsured citizens.

When Joe was in the majority he did virtually nothing to help the manufacturing sector in Michigan, and god knows we could have used the help. The Big 3 has been virtually ignored by this White House and all Joe has done is stand by and watched.

Now that he's in the minority, Joe wants to try to ignore the fact that he's a Republican, the party that has caused more manufacturing to go to foreign countries for cheap labor than at any time in history. That's why in 2008 Joe will be history and a Democrat who really cares about middle class Americans will be elected in the 9th Congressional district of Michigan.

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With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

Good post.

Knollenberg has done nothing for manufacturers for 14 years and now he is starting to publish opinion pieces saying it is important.

Where has he been for the last 14 years?

What has he done?

The answer is: absolutely nothing.

The good news is that after the election in 2008, he will have absolutely nothing to do -- he can enjoy his retirement.