Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bruce Fealk's interview on Fox 2 Detroit 8/10/2007

On Friday, August 10, 2007, Bruce Fealk was interviewed about his visits to Congressman Joe Knollenberg's home.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Trent Wisecup and Joe Knollenberg Ultimate Hypocrites

In the article below Trent Wisecup, Joe Knollenberg's spokesperson (Joe never seems to talk to the press himself) Trent says, "Certain things are private and that includes his (Knollenberg's) home." Isn't that ironic since Joe Knollenberg voted in favor of the recently passed Protect America Act, which gives President Bush even more power to spy on Americans. It seems Joe Knollenberg is the worst kind of hypocrite. He believes in one level of privacy for Congressmen and no privacy for the average citizen. Way to go, Joe. Why does Joe Knollenberg think that he's entitled to privacy, but you and I are not? Does this man really deserve to be our Congressman? I think not.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Knollenberg afraid of old ladies and ice cream

For those of you that follow this blog regularly, you have already seen the video of our two visits to Joe Knollenberg's neighborhood and to Joe's house specifically. On the first occasion we had the Raging Grannies with us and they sang a couple songs. On the second occasion we were delivering free ice cream to Joe's neighbors and we offered one to Joe's wife, Sandi. We were briefly detained by the Bloomfield Township police when we entered the subdivision where Joe lives. We have video of the encounter with the police. On three separate occasions during our conversation they confirm we did nothing wrong and let us go on our way.

Well, today I received a registered letter from the Bloomfield Township police outlining the local ordinances they feel we were violating as a result of our visits threatening legal action if we return to Joe's neighborhood.

Joe, all we want to do is talk to you. Why the bully tactics? If ever there was evidence that you have learned your lessons at the knee of Karl Rove, this is it. You don't want to face your constituents about your stand on the war, but you have no problem calling in the cops.

How scary can a couple old ladies singing on your porch be? How frightening is it for someone to offer your wife a free ice cream and invite you to a Town Hall meeting to discuss the most important issue of our time, the war in Iraq.

Joe, you have learned your lessons well. Don't negotiate, declare war. Bring in the lawyers, stonewall.

Why not show some courage, Joe? Don't hide behind the police. What kind of representative of the people continues to stonewall until they are removed from office? One name comes to mind, Joe, Richard M. Nixon. And we all know what happened to him.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Joe Nollenberg invites residents to 8/28 Town Hall

On Wedndesday, Joe NOllenberg was walking the streets in Pontiac to invite people to attend the August 28 Iraq Town Hall meeting at Pontiac Central High School.  Joe Knollenberg has not responded yet to the invitation he received. 

Monday, August 06, 2007

Chet Zarko, a regular commeter here is really a paid Republican operative

On Saturday in White Lake, Joe NOllenberg had his first encouter with Chet Zarko. Chet is a paid Republican consultant, apparently working for Joe Knollenberg. Chet had his video camera with him on Sunday and really wanted to know about the the giant head of Joe NOllenberg. Chet also worked on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative petition campaign and which was actually successful, mostly due to the fact that petition gatherers were lying to petiton signers about what they were signing and the confusing name of the campaign, which actually was successful in denying the state from using race as a factor in college admissions and state employment. So, here is the video Chet shot of Joe NOllenberg chasing Joe down the road after the GOP picnic in White Lake on Saturday.

Knollenberg Votes With Big Oil Companies

Once again, Joe Knollenberg has voted for big oil and against alternative energy.

On Friday, Joe Knollenberg voted NO on the "Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007". [H.R. 2776, 08/04/07, Roll Call 835]

Title I of the Act describes the purpose of the Act:

Extends through 2012 the tax credit for the production of electricity from renewable resources (e.g., wind, closed and open-loop biomass, geothermal energy, small irrigation power, municipal solid waste, and qualified hydropower). Imposes a limit on such tax credit based upon investment in renewable resource facilities placed in service after 2008 in lieu of the current phaseout provisions for such credit.

This Act provided tax incentives to companies and individuals to use and develop alternative energy. It even seems to provide a tax credit to our domestic auto companies to develop and produce plug-in hybrid vehicles!

So, once again, Joe Knollenberg voted AGAINST our domestic auto industry.

Apparently Joe Knollenberg isn't concerned that we import 65% of our oil -- even though it poses such obvious national security concerns.

We Cannot Afford 2 More Years of Joe Knollenberg.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oakland Press coverage of Protest at GOP picnic

Poor Republicans, they just think protesters showing up at their annual picnic is "unacceptable". Joe NOllenberg, completely lost his head.