Thursday, August 09, 2007

Knollenberg afraid of old ladies and ice cream

For those of you that follow this blog regularly, you have already seen the video of our two visits to Joe Knollenberg's neighborhood and to Joe's house specifically. On the first occasion we had the Raging Grannies with us and they sang a couple songs. On the second occasion we were delivering free ice cream to Joe's neighbors and we offered one to Joe's wife, Sandi. We were briefly detained by the Bloomfield Township police when we entered the subdivision where Joe lives. We have video of the encounter with the police. On three separate occasions during our conversation they confirm we did nothing wrong and let us go on our way.

Well, today I received a registered letter from the Bloomfield Township police outlining the local ordinances they feel we were violating as a result of our visits threatening legal action if we return to Joe's neighborhood.

Joe, all we want to do is talk to you. Why the bully tactics? If ever there was evidence that you have learned your lessons at the knee of Karl Rove, this is it. You don't want to face your constituents about your stand on the war, but you have no problem calling in the cops.

How scary can a couple old ladies singing on your porch be? How frightening is it for someone to offer your wife a free ice cream and invite you to a Town Hall meeting to discuss the most important issue of our time, the war in Iraq.

Joe, you have learned your lessons well. Don't negotiate, declare war. Bring in the lawyers, stonewall.

Why not show some courage, Joe? Don't hide behind the police. What kind of representative of the people continues to stonewall until they are removed from office? One name comes to mind, Joe, Richard M. Nixon. And we all know what happened to him.


Kathy said...

What a double standard. I bet Joe's gone door-to-door canvassing in neighborhoods when he wanted to get reelected, and I bet he's made a lot of those intrusive robocalls to people's homes during dinnertime too.

If constituents can't enter a politician's neighborhood, then we reserve the right to call police the next time one of them comes knocking on our door.

The same goes for those "Do Not Call" lists. Stop bothering us in our homes with your annoying calls.

If you can't be accessible to the constituents that pay your salary, then you don't deserve to be afforded the same.

Sorry this is so long, Bruce, but I am sick and tired of politicians who act like they're royalty or something, and I'm sick and tired of them forgetting who puts food on their table.

Bruce Fealk said...

No worry about the length of your post. I think if Joe comes canvassing in my area I'll call the Oakland County sheriff and threaten charging him with trespassing and harassment.