Friday, September 26, 2008

National Association of Realtors Lies About Knollenberg's Record

This is really unbelievable. I got a mailer from the National Association of Realtors supporting Joe Knollenberg, of all people. the piece says Joe is finding bi-partisan solutions to today's toughest problems. And, get this, "More affordable health insurance." Are they kidding? Joe has consistently fought universal health care and his health care plan is a joke, a $200 credit for employers that offer "wellness programs." How does that help 47 million people who have no health insurance?

The piece also praises Joe for supporting "More mortgage options." Isn't that how we got in this financial crisis we find ourselves in today? The mortgage industry was offering loans to people that couldn't qualify for standard mortages and mortgage brokers defrauding customers and putting them in subprime mortgages when they could qualify for standard mortgages. Shame on the NAR for supporting Joe Knollenberg. Joe Knollenberg is a big part of the problem in Washington, not a part of the solution. If I were a realtor, and a member of the NAR, I'd be writing a letter and asking for a refund of my dues.

Joe Knollenberg is too Extreme for Oakland County

Vote No on Joe has been discovered by NARAL. They have come to the same conclusion I have, Joe Knollenberg is too extreme for Oakland County. Joe doesn't really want to reduce the number of abortions in this country. The Republicans need to keep abortion as an issue. It's one of the only things they have left to keep their base on their side. On almost every other issue their base is swinging to the Democrats in terms of which party they trust on economics and health care.

From the NARAL blog:

Off to the Races: Knollenberg watch and Vote NO on JOE

So I was surfing around, checking out various blog posts on Knollenberg and Peters, and I came across this: Vote NO on JOE (h/t Chris Estes). (Sometimes I really love that this is my job.)

Anyway, as you can imagine, this blog is rife with reasons why a vote for Joe Knollenberg is a vote for more the same old Bush/McCain-Palin policies we've seen and dislike. Take this post from June of 2007:

Joe Knollenberg voted to restrict contraception and increase the number of abortions in the world. The legislation would also have reduced the spread of AIDS in Africa and other poor countries.

Knollenberg voted against HR2764 today even though the bill was described by Rep. Nita Lowey, who chairs the committee responsible for the legislation, as legislation to "reduce unintended and high-risk pregnancies and abortions ... and save the lives of mothers." But Joe Knollenberg voted NO.

The legislation passed the House, but Bush has threatened to veto it. This is just another in the litany of examples of Joe Knollenberg blindly obeying the will of George Bush.

Why does Joe Knollenberg hate women so much?

Joe Knollenberg is too Extreme for Oakland County.

Ok, so I may have put it a teensy bit differently (here's what NARAL Pro-Choice America had to say about this issue), but the point remains: Knollenberg is too extreme for Oakland County, Michigan.

So you know what you have to do, people of MI-09... visit the Gary Peters website to find out how you can help, and make sure to vote for Peters (and Obama!) on November 4!