Friday, September 26, 2008

National Association of Realtors Lies About Knollenberg's Record

This is really unbelievable. I got a mailer from the National Association of Realtors supporting Joe Knollenberg, of all people. the piece says Joe is finding bi-partisan solutions to today's toughest problems. And, get this, "More affordable health insurance." Are they kidding? Joe has consistently fought universal health care and his health care plan is a joke, a $200 credit for employers that offer "wellness programs." How does that help 47 million people who have no health insurance?

The piece also praises Joe for supporting "More mortgage options." Isn't that how we got in this financial crisis we find ourselves in today? The mortgage industry was offering loans to people that couldn't qualify for standard mortages and mortgage brokers defrauding customers and putting them in subprime mortgages when they could qualify for standard mortgages. Shame on the NAR for supporting Joe Knollenberg. Joe Knollenberg is a big part of the problem in Washington, not a part of the solution. If I were a realtor, and a member of the NAR, I'd be writing a letter and asking for a refund of my dues.


MIKE said...

When you consider that the NAR was in cahoots with Wall Street and their preditory lending - the endorcement of Knollenberg figures. Birds of a feather - and all that!!

juniorcat said...

I am a card carrying member of NAR, MAR & MCAR. I do NOT support Knollenberg. He has done a great disservice to the property owners of Michigan.

NAR, MAR & MCAR are interested, like many businesses, in lowering barriers to entry for business, reducing regulation, reducing costs for business, etc. Their positions are very short sighted. What caused our massive decreases in property value, losses on our biggest investments? Lets think about that before we go endorsing people like Knollenberg!