Saturday, March 10, 2007

Joe Knollenberg Votes AGAINST Clean Water

Joe Knollenberg has the audacity to call himself an environmentalist, but his votes show otherwise.

Last week, Joe Knollenberg voted AGAINST Clean Water!
Heck, he even voted NO in an attempt to block Congress from voting on the issue at all!

Joe Knollenberg voted NO on HR 720 which was a bill that would authorize EPA to make grants to provide:
  • technical assistance to rural and small municipalities for wastewater infrastructure financing; and
  • technical assistance and training for rural and small publicly owned treatment works.
The Statute revised eligibility requirements for grants for sewage collection systems; and state water pollution control revolving fund provisions. Requires states to: (1) establish a list of revolving fund projects that prioritizes water quality improvement projects; and (2) provide financial assistance to only projects on such lists.

Gasp! Legislation that required prioritizing how to improve water quality! Oh my. Such good government must be offensive to someone like Joe. Otherwise, why would he oppose such legislation??

Why does Joe Knollenberg want to help polluters?


Jerome Alicki said...

Conyers, Stupak and Dingell were all co-sponsors of the bill. Amendment 7 baffles me, "prohibiting issuance of transportation security cards to convicted felons."

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

Maybe they don't want anyone throwing those security cards into the Lake....

Actually, I think if they can't get a bill passed, they try to tuck the language in anywhere they can.

Alex said...

how do the people of michigan keep electing joe knollenbeg. i really dont understand and it baffles me, if you look at his record you will see that each time he has voted against increasing the living standard for americans and favors everything that presient bush supports which is basically oil companies and big businesses. anytime you hear cutting oil use 20% in ten years you must laugh becuase ever since a month or two ago when he announced such a measure there has been no action, or plan put together to actually produce anything near a 20% oil cut in 10 years. thats what you get when you have two oilmen george bush and dick cheney running america. please dont elect joe knollenberg again. every single post and article i ever read about this man is derrogatory. he supports the worst legislation in favor of companies and never supports the proper things for the american public. 9th district if you care about your representation and the future of your country and district i suggest you vote democrat because joe knollenberg is not looking out for you.

Anonymous said...