Monday, March 20, 2006

ZERO = Review & Analysis of Knollenberg's Work Over the Past 14 years in Congress

Looking back at Knollenberg's own account of what he has accomplished during the last 14 years reveals [confirms] what many tax paying Americans fear -- he has done nothing other than collect a paycheck, take all expense-paid-by-Jack Abramoff-lobbyist vacations, and give our hard earned tax payer money to his friends (through earmarked money spelled out in various budget/appropriation bills).

Looking at his own website we can see what he has done over the past 6 years:

~ 1.5 Floor Speeches Per MONTH
~0.6 Other Speeches Per MONTH

He does list about one Press Release per week but those are not only written by and distributed by someone else (and so they require no work by JOE) but they are usually just summaries of Press Releases the Republican Party has issued and say nothing about JOE specifically -- they are just general statements, e.g., Congress Convened today, etc.

What is he doing the rest of the time? 1.5 floor speeches per month? School kids give more speeches than that. Also, don't be mislead by the fancy title "Floor Speech". Most are tributes to people like George Hamilton or recognizing the existence of some obscure industrial trade group like the National Truck Equipment Association.

How about his impressive 0.6 other speeches? That means he gives a speech to some outside group about once every other month. Thank goodness for the boy scouts -- otherwise it seems he would never be invited to speak anywhere.

I am not in Congress and I get invited to speak more than that. Most Congressmen and Congresswomen get invited to speak to outside groups constantly. JOE either doesn't get invited or doesn't accept any such invitations. Either way no seems to be lining up to ask him to speak to their group. Apparently most folks know he doesn't do anything so why bother asking him to come talk about not doing anything. Heck, an empty chair would be better than that.

Although his work record is sparse at best over the past 6 years, there is little or no record of Knollenberg having done anything before 2000. Is it possible he did even less in the first half of his tenure?

Based on our analysis, it seems he works between 90 and 200 hours per year. That means we pay him between $800/hr to $1200/hr. That is more than even the most overrated, overpriced Washington lobbyist.

Plus, we have guaranteed him a free pension and healthcare for the rest of his life. How many of us have the same benefits?