Friday, March 30, 2007

Joe Knollenberg's War on the Middle Class Continues

Once again Joe Knollenberg has voted AGAINST Middle Class families.

Yesterday, Congress voted on a Resolution to:

* Provide Funds for the State Children's Health Insurance Program
* Grant middle-income tax relief
* Provide funds for higher education
* Make improvements in Medicare
* Support the creation of long term energy alternatives


JOE KNOLLENBERG Opposes providing Health Insurance to Children.

JOE KNOLLENBERG Opposes providing middle class tax relief

JOE KNOLLENBERG Opposes making higher education more affordable.

JOE KNOLLENBERG Opposes allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices to save Seniors and taxpayers money.

JOE KNOLLENBERG Opposes alternative energy plans that could reduce profits for Big Oil companies.

Joe Knollenberg Has Spent His Career Fighting AGAINST MIDDLE CLASS families.

Joe Knollenberg is TOO EXTREME for Oakland County.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now Joe is trying to pass himself off as defender of education

It's so sad. Joe is so scared of losing his seat in Congress, he's willing to do and say anything.

Joe Knollenberg is not a defender of education

I feel compelled to write in response to Joe Knollenberg’s recent letter to the editor in the Birmingham Eccentridc regarding his legislation to provide a $5,000 scholarship for high school students that enter college and major in math, science, engineering or health-care related field.

Great idea Joe, but you’re a little late to the party. If I could ever get to meet with you face to face, I’d ask why you’re only now proposing legislation to address the education needs of our children. Just to refresh the voters’ memory, back in 2005, Joe Knollenberg voted to slash funding for primary schools by $784 million. Joe also voted to cut federal student aid by $12.7 billion that would have allowed middle class students to obtain low cost loans. That same legislation increased the interest rate charged on the loans that are still being offered. Now Joe Knollenberg would have us believe he’s on our side. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. When Joe Knollenberg was in the majority and he felt his seat was not at risk, he felt perfectly safe slashing education funds.

Now that he feels his seat in Congress is in jeopardy, Joe feels the need to introduce legislation. I say voters are smarter than you give them credit for, Mr. Knollenberg.

In a recent document that was referenced in Congressional hearings involving the General Services Administration, Mr. Knollenberg is listed as “may not run.” Even though he has announced he is running, it makes one think, maybe the White House knows something we don’t know as Joe’s constituents.

Bye Bye Joe

Both the Democratic Party and the Republics consider Knollenberg to be on the endangered list in terms of the 2008 election.

The 9th District is only marginally ~1% Republican now. By 2008 that will have changed in part because of demographics and in part because the Republic Party as a brand has a reputation somewhere below that of Enron.

Add to that Knollenberg's unconditional support of George Bush's war in Iraq when the vast majority of voters in this District oppose the war and you have a recipe for Knollenberg being defeated by a landslide.

Bye bye Joe.

Why don't you do us all a favor and just resign now.

Oh, and take your smarmy lobbyist staffers with you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rove document lists Knollenberg as "may not run"

During a hearing today in front of Henry Waxman's committee a Powerpoint presentation was being discussed. On page 10 of the presentation there is an asterisk next to Joe's name which indicates that Joe may not seek re-election. Is there something you're not telling us, Joe? Maybe this blog is having a bigger effect on Joe's re-election plans than we thought.

Knollenberg Gets Even Cozier With Lobbyists

Joe Knollenberg must know that voters are starting to realize just how EXTREME he is and how out of touch he is with the District.

He has already started campaigning for 2008!

Not only has he started campaigning, but he has started to line up lobbyists and is collecting their big checks. He has a big fundraiser scheduled for April 25th in Washington DC. He is charging lobbyists $1000 per ticket just to get in. I wonder what how many favors a $1000 buys from Joe these days?

Oh, and the fundraiser is a function of ROMP -- an organization started by TOM DELAY!!! Yep. Joe Knollenberg is still following Tom Delay's lead. Maybe this is how Tom Delay pays back rubber stamp Congressman like Joe Knollenberg.

Of course just last week Knollenberg was at a fundraiser with Karl Rove. Rove of course is good friends with the lobbyist and convicted felon, Jack Abramoff.

Joe sure knows how to pick his felons lobbyists criminals friends.

Why Does Joe Knollenberg Hate Free Speech?

Most members of Congress have at least some appreciation of the Constitution -- including the Bill of Rights.

Joe Knollenberg is the exception. Joe Knollenberg's actions indicate he is an ardent opponent of free speech.

Here are a few examples of how Knollenberg tries to stifle free speech:
  1. Knollenberg has started a "blog" but refuses to accept public comments on his blog
  2. Knollenberg's Chief of Staff, a Washington DC Lobbyist, attacks voters who exercise their free speech rights by writing letters to the editor or by engaging in peaceful protests
  3. Knollenberg consistently objects to members of Congress who propose resolutions that he objects to -- he doesn't just indicate his objection to the substance of the resolution, he argues they shouldn't even offer the resolution in the first place.
Then again, Knollenberg seems to object to everything about the 1st amendment. We know for example that he believes that government should ignore the portion of the first amendment that precludes the government from establishing religion -- because Knollenberg is a Christian Nationalist, Knollenberg believes the U.S. is a "Christian Nation" and doesn't think citizens who are not christian should be able to challenge government actions to promote the Christian religion.

We already addressed this in a previous post where we noted that that Joe Knollenberg voted YES on the Christian Supremacy Act.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Poor Joe doesn't like it when the Democrats play politics

From Joe's blog:
"Support our Troops
Earlier this year, I introduced a resolution recognizing March 26th as “National Support Our Troops Day.” I introduced the same resolution last year and the House passed it unanimously! However, this year Speaker Pelosi won’t even allow a vote on my resolution. There is only one reason for this: POLITICS. Why won’t a Democrat Speaker allow a Republican member to offer a resolution honoring our troops? POLITICS!It’s time for the politics to end and the bipartisan support of our troops to begin."

OMG! Politics in Congress! Who could ever imagine that.

Yes, we should support our troops, Joe, and the best way to do that is TO BRING THEM HOME!!!! Funny how short the Republicans' memory is -- when they were in charge it was okay to block votes on resolutions, but now that the Democrats are in the majority, it's all of a sudden something to cry about.

And, by the way, Joe, Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Speaker, not the Democrat Speaker.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Knollenberg Wastes Taxpayer $$$ To Spread Campaign Lies

Joe Knollenberg just send out another campaign flyer on taxpayer money.

He doesn't even bother to try to send out fake newsletters anymore, he just sends out regular campaign literature.

This is just another in a long line of examples of Joe Knollenberg's refusal to exercise common sense when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars.

The flyer is humorous though in the sense that it states in bold red type: "Knollenberg Votes NO on Oil Subsidies..."

What is funny is that if he hadn't voted for them in 2005, he wouldn't have been embarrassed into voting against them in 2007!!!

Joe Knollenberg voted to give Big Oil companies billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.