Monday, March 26, 2007

Poor Joe doesn't like it when the Democrats play politics

From Joe's blog:
"Support our Troops
Earlier this year, I introduced a resolution recognizing March 26th as “National Support Our Troops Day.” I introduced the same resolution last year and the House passed it unanimously! However, this year Speaker Pelosi won’t even allow a vote on my resolution. There is only one reason for this: POLITICS. Why won’t a Democrat Speaker allow a Republican member to offer a resolution honoring our troops? POLITICS!It’s time for the politics to end and the bipartisan support of our troops to begin."

OMG! Politics in Congress! Who could ever imagine that.

Yes, we should support our troops, Joe, and the best way to do that is TO BRING THEM HOME!!!! Funny how short the Republicans' memory is -- when they were in charge it was okay to block votes on resolutions, but now that the Democrats are in the majority, it's all of a sudden something to cry about.

And, by the way, Joe, Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Speaker, not the Democrat Speaker.

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Kathy said...

Joe should take a look at the latest Pew poll which shows a solid majority favors a congressional troop deadline.

Politicians should support the will of the people - not their party - and the people are saying it's time for a deadline.