Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Does Joe Knollenberg Hate Free Speech?

Most members of Congress have at least some appreciation of the Constitution -- including the Bill of Rights.

Joe Knollenberg is the exception. Joe Knollenberg's actions indicate he is an ardent opponent of free speech.

Here are a few examples of how Knollenberg tries to stifle free speech:
  1. Knollenberg has started a "blog" but refuses to accept public comments on his blog
  2. Knollenberg's Chief of Staff, a Washington DC Lobbyist, attacks voters who exercise their free speech rights by writing letters to the editor or by engaging in peaceful protests
  3. Knollenberg consistently objects to members of Congress who propose resolutions that he objects to -- he doesn't just indicate his objection to the substance of the resolution, he argues they shouldn't even offer the resolution in the first place.
Then again, Knollenberg seems to object to everything about the 1st amendment. We know for example that he believes that government should ignore the portion of the first amendment that precludes the government from establishing religion -- because Knollenberg is a Christian Nationalist, Knollenberg believes the U.S. is a "Christian Nation" and doesn't think citizens who are not christian should be able to challenge government actions to promote the Christian religion.

We already addressed this in a previous post where we noted that that Joe Knollenberg voted YES on the Christian Supremacy Act.

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