Friday, June 29, 2007

Knollenberg's Inaction Defies Conservatives

As noted in the previous post, Vice President Dick Cheney is now asserting that he is above the law -- and Knollenberg is supporting him!!!!

Apparently Cheney is so out of control that even the most conservative of conservatives, Bruce Fein, is now calling for his impeachment. Fein was Reagan's associate deputy Attorney General.

When conservatives call for the impeachment of the "Corrupt King of Conservatives", you know it is bad a bad day at the White House.

But apparently "La La La" Knollenberg is either blissfully unaware of reality or he is supporting Cheney's unlawful activities. Of course it is impossible to tell from his "La La La" website -- it doesn't provide any information on any of the critical issues facing us today!! (What is the point of a website if it doesn't provide useful information?)
It gives new meaning to the term "Tricky Dick". Seems that Robert Bork is to Nixon what Knollenberg is to Cheney.

Knollenberg believes Dick Cheney is Above the Law

According to Joe Knollenberg, Vice President Dick Cheney is above the law.

For the past 4 years, Dick Cheney has refused to comply with an Executive Order (signed by the current President) that puts the National Archives in charge of monitoring classifed information in the White House. According to the NYT:

For four years, Vice President Dick Cheney has resisted routine oversight of his office’s handling of classified information, and when the National Archives unit that monitors classification in the executive branch objected, the vice president’s office suggested abolishing the oversight unit . . ..
So rather than just comply with the law, Cheney decided to try to eliminate the pesky little law so it wouldn't bother him anymore.

When that didn't work, Cheney asserted asserted that he did not have to comply with the Executive Order because he was not in the Executive Branch of Government. That is not only a tremendously weak argument, but it is quite bizarre since Cheney has previously refused to release information on the grounds that it was protected by Executive Privilege.

Rather than argue about whether the Vice President was supposed to obey the law, Congressman Rahm Emanuel cleverly called Cheney's bluff -- he proposed an amendment that said that since Cheney wasn't a part of the Executive Branch, then he wasn't eligible for funding that was for the Executive Branch. That would mean that there wouldn't be any funding for the VP's mansion, his staff, etc.

But according to Joe Knollenberg and Dick Cheney, the laws of this country are supposed to bend to conform to Dick Cheney's will.

Knollenberg voted against the Emanuel amendment. In short, Knollenberg thinks Cheney should continue to receive funds even though Cheney asserts that he is not eligible for the funds.

Moreover, Knollenberg continues to support Cheney even though Cheney is violating the law by not allowing the National Archives to have oversight of how his office handles classified documents.

What has Joe KNollenberg done about this matter?

What is it with these rich elitists? Why do Paris Hilton and Dick Cheney think they are so important that they should be above the law? The devine right of "kings" was eliminated by the Magna Carta in 1215. We are a country that follows the rule of law, not the rule of individuals.

Joe Knollenberg Doesn't Stand Up for Oakland County.

Radio ads attacking Knollenberg hypocrisy start next week

In the Detroit Free Press 6/29.

Radio ads over Knollenberg and troops bonuses to begin next week in Detroit
June 28, 2007



WASHINGTON – A Democratic campaign committee that has targeted Oakland County Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg for defeat next year is taking radio ads out against him in metro Detroit beginning next week.

Chris Van Hollen, the Maryland congressman who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the ads are meant to let voters know that while Republicans including Knollenberg may talk about patriotic themes over the July 4th holiday, “the rhetoric is not matched by the votes.”
Read the rest of the story, Click Here.

DCCC Targets Knollenberg Over Independence Day

(Crossposted at MichiganLiberal)

The DCCC blog "The Stakeholder" reports that they will be running ads in 14 competitive districts over Independence day. Beginning Monday, be on the lookout for this blitz in the 9th!

Joe Knollenberg, who won with only 51% of the the vote last year, is being targeted for his awful voting record on the military. Besides being a supporter of the "surge", Knollenberg has voted to cut veterans benefits by $15 billion...including "cuts to disability benefit payments to former soldiers and reductions in money for GI bill benefits and health care."

9th district voters do not support these policies! It is excellent to see the DCCC working to bring light to Joe's record.

Attention from the DCCC, as well as rumors that former State Senator Gary Peters will enter the race certainly indicate the 9th will be the district to watch in Michigan as we look to expand our lead in the House!

Read the full text of the ad at The Stakeholder, and see what other districts are targeted.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knollenberg: Wrong Again, Naturally

If he keeps it up, I might just have to start feeling sorry for the guy.

Joe Knollenberg is wrong once again.

Today, the Free Press reports that Joe Knollenberg "introduced legislation he says will push the Japanese government to end 'the manipulation and severe misalignment of its currency,' weakening the yen to the point where it essentially provides billions of dollars in export subsidies to Japanese automakers.

First, the Freep's writing here isn't very good. On the surface it looks like Knollenberg's legislation would result in "weakening the yen" further. That would be silly because that would just incease their effective subsidy of their automakers. Even Knollenberg couldn't do anything that stupid. (Well, maybe he could do something that stupid. He does report to lobbyists you know. They tell him what to do and he just blindly agrees.)

Even Knollenberg's Best Efforts Are Barely Even Meaningless Gestures

Just for the sake of argument, let's assume that Knollenberg is trying to reduce the effective subsidy by pressuring Japan to stop manipulating the value of the yen. What is going to do? Threaten to have George Bush invade them too? Or maybe he could sick Dick Cheney on them. That oughta scare them.

Just like Bush failed to understand the culture when he invaded Iraq, Joe Knollenberg has just let the world know that he doesn't understand either the auto industry or the Japanese economy.

Knollenberg Has Just Brought Himself More Bad PR
What is really amazing though are the comments from average voters about Knollenberg's "plan" (where by "plan", I mean empty and shallow Press Release rather than real legislation to help the auto industry).

They just slap him. And these were not comments that were planted by the "liberals". These are not even the normal posters who fight about the political issues. These are just people who found KNollenberg's idea so stupid, they took the time to comment on it!

Here are some of the comments:

- Yet another example of legislative disconnect. Why don't those two explain the US dollar devaluation of the last 30 years??? Through administrations of both parties to boot, so they're all to blame. When I went to Japan in 1975 I got 282 yen for a dollar, now what is it, around 100 or so??? They complain about other countries while we do the same, and we wonder why sometimes foreigners just shake their heads. This, like many other things in Congress lately, is pathetic. [DownriverDude]

- I'm sure Tokyo is, right now, shaking in utter despair at the thought of these wo numbskulls coming up with 'legislation' to stop the 'manipulation' of the Japanese iscal markets. And people wonder why Michigan is in the shape that it is? Get real! [bigsmoke]

- Bush is just hoping that the dollar can kind of hold where it is until he gets out of office. When the dollar reaches its true value, it will not be pretty. [umich07]

- I'm confused on this one. To me that would be the same as saying the United States has spent 7 1/2 trillion dollars over the past 30 years artificially holding the dollar low. Doesn't spending 1/2 trillion more than total annual revenue weaken the US dollar? [DexterRiley]

- Elected officials are on a propaganda campaingn? The USA deValues its currency by policy. Is that currency manipulation? The USA dollar has been deValued by over 53 % since Bush has been in office! ....Political posturing, and propaganda by elected that prefer to lie to the people will not change anything. US policy, and deficits; cause world speculators, and traders, to dump worth less dollars causing USA "inflation!" [Liberty Writer]

Funny thing about Joe Knollenberg. Knollenberg hasn't woken up and realized that the people are paying attention to him even if he isn't paying any attention to us.

By being a "Do Nothing" Knollenberger, he was able to avoid controversy and things were going relatively well for the first 8 years he was in office. Clinton was at the helm and we were at peace, our allies trusted us, and the economy was booming. So people didn't pay much attention to Slo' Joe.

But things are different now.

People are watching. The public is more interested in the next election than ever before. Even the most conservative of voters want to "throw the bums out." Inaction most of the time accompanied by a few hollow gestures won't sway them. Ba Ba Bye Joe.

Vote NO on JOE!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knollenberg Is Not Even True to His Own Words

We know Joe Knollenberg doesn't listen to constituents. But now we know he doesn't even listen to himself!

Here is what Joe Knollenberg had to say earlier this year about the disaster in Iraq:

As to Bush's plan to escalate the war, on January 11, 2007, the Detroit News ran an article that noted that Joe Knollenberg supported Bush's "surge" of troops "but only with the condition that real progress is seen within about 90 days."

So if Knollenberg was a man of his word, then he would have re-evaluated the situation on April 11, 2007. But April 11, 2007 passed and Knollenberg didn't indicate that "real progress" was being made.

But he must have thought things were going well since on April 25th, KNOLLENBERG voted AGAINST setting timeframes for withdrawing troops.

Instead, listening to George Bush and sleazy lobbyists like Trent Wisecup, Knollenberg once again gave Bush a blank check and an open ended commitment to keep U.S. troops in Iraq.

Radio station WWJ AM has a similar statement, also dated January 11, 2007, attributed to Knollenberg on their webpage:

“His leadership is on the line here and he knows it,'' said Rep. JoeKnollenberg,
a Republican from Oakland County's Bloomfield Township. The congressman said he
would only offer ``conditional support'' for the plan andwanted to see
significant progress in the next three to four months.”

Even though it was the same day, this time Knollenberg gave himself up to 4 months to reevaluate the situation in Iraq to determine if there had been "significant progress".

That means he should have evaluated the situation by May 11, 2007. But rather than listen to the reports from the Generals and other experts, Knollenberg ignored them and voted to keep spending endless amounts of money and to sacrifice more and more American troops in the bloody civil war in Iraq.

So, although Knollenberg said he would only support the "surge" in Iraq if it showed progress within 3 or 4 months, Knollenberg ignored the reports from experts stating that there wasn't any progress. In fact, the situation was getting worse.

Apparently, even Joe Knollenberg doesn't listen to Joe Knollenberg.

Knollenberg only listens to George Bush and sleazy lobbyists.

We Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg Anymore.

It's Official: BUSH & KNOLLENBERG Have Turned Iraq Into a Failed State

It is official, Joe Knollenberg and George Bush have turned Iraq into a failed state.

According to Reuters,
Iraq has emerged as the world's second most unstable country, behind Sudan. . .

The 2007 Failed States Index, produced by Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace, said Iraq suffered a third straight year of deterioration in 2006 with diminished results across a range of social, economic, political and military indicators. Iraq ranked fourth last year.

Afghanistan, another war-torn country where U.S. and NATO forces are battling a Taliban insurgency nearly six years after a U.S.-led invasion, was in eighth place.

Joe Knollenberg has walked lockstep with George Bush on the fiasco in Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg has voted for every single funding bill Bush has asked for and against every single bill that would put any timeframes on withdrawing troops.

Joe Knollenberg has not introduced a single piece of legislation to address the problems in Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg has voted for whatever George Bush asked for on Iraq. That makes Joe Knollenberg just as responsible for the failure of Iraq as George Bush.

In fact, if you want to know Joe Knollenberg's opinion on just about anything, ask George Bush. After all, Bush told Joe what his opinions were 96% of the time last year. Sleazy Lobbyists like Jack Abramoff and Trent Wisecup tell him what his opinion is the rest of the time.

We Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Knollenberg's Iraq War & U.S. Troop Deaths

This is a graph illustrating the rate that U.S. troop deaths are increasing.

The numbers came from the Washington Post and

Note that the numbers for 2007 and beyond are projected -- assuming that the increase is linear.

Given the rapid jump in U.S. Troop deaths this year, it is unlikely that the increase is truly linear. It is more likely that the actual increase in the rate of U.S. troop deaths will actually be significantly higher than predicted.

But look at how quickly the rate of U.S. troop deaths rises. The more troops Knollenberg keeps in Iraq, the more casualties we can expect.

Yet, all the experts agree that there is no military solution to the problem in Iraq.

What has Joe Knollenberg done to resolve the crisis in Iraq? NOTHING.

He has not taken a lead role in the Iraq crisis. In fact, if you were to read his website, you'd be hard pressed to even find any information at all about Iraq. If he mentions it at all, it is under the category of "war on terror".

Joe Knollenberg has not proposed a single strategy, or single piece of legislation aimed at resolving the crisis in Iraq.

The only official activity Knollenberg takes part in is that he has approved every single dollar that Bush has requested for Iraq. No questions asked. Knollenberg just issues blank check after blank check.

Knollenberg's spending record on Iraq is matched only by his wasteful spending through earmarks. (Earmarks are special line items in appropriations bills where Knollenberg directs millions of dollars in taxpayer money to his campaign donors, sleazy lobbyists, and friends.)

Oakland County Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg Anymore.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

234 Americans Killed

234 more U.S. Troops have died since Joe Knollenberg voted against a timetable to withdraw from Iraq.

234 more of our friends, neighbors, co-workers.

234 more mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.

234 more sons and daughters.

234 more Americans have died since Joe Knollenberg voted against a timetable to withdraw from Iraq.

234 more Americans have died Since KNOLLENBERG
VOTED NO on redeploying the troops

How many more have to die before Joe Knollenberg will actually do something to stop this slaughter?

Joe Knollenberg is TOO Extreme for Oakland County