Friday, June 29, 2007

DCCC Targets Knollenberg Over Independence Day

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The DCCC blog "The Stakeholder" reports that they will be running ads in 14 competitive districts over Independence day. Beginning Monday, be on the lookout for this blitz in the 9th!

Joe Knollenberg, who won with only 51% of the the vote last year, is being targeted for his awful voting record on the military. Besides being a supporter of the "surge", Knollenberg has voted to cut veterans benefits by $15 billion...including "cuts to disability benefit payments to former soldiers and reductions in money for GI bill benefits and health care."

9th district voters do not support these policies! It is excellent to see the DCCC working to bring light to Joe's record.

Attention from the DCCC, as well as rumors that former State Senator Gary Peters will enter the race certainly indicate the 9th will be the district to watch in Michigan as we look to expand our lead in the House!

Read the full text of the ad at The Stakeholder, and see what other districts are targeted.

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