Friday, June 29, 2007

Knollenberg believes Dick Cheney is Above the Law

According to Joe Knollenberg, Vice President Dick Cheney is above the law.

For the past 4 years, Dick Cheney has refused to comply with an Executive Order (signed by the current President) that puts the National Archives in charge of monitoring classifed information in the White House. According to the NYT:

For four years, Vice President Dick Cheney has resisted routine oversight of his office’s handling of classified information, and when the National Archives unit that monitors classification in the executive branch objected, the vice president’s office suggested abolishing the oversight unit . . ..
So rather than just comply with the law, Cheney decided to try to eliminate the pesky little law so it wouldn't bother him anymore.

When that didn't work, Cheney asserted asserted that he did not have to comply with the Executive Order because he was not in the Executive Branch of Government. That is not only a tremendously weak argument, but it is quite bizarre since Cheney has previously refused to release information on the grounds that it was protected by Executive Privilege.

Rather than argue about whether the Vice President was supposed to obey the law, Congressman Rahm Emanuel cleverly called Cheney's bluff -- he proposed an amendment that said that since Cheney wasn't a part of the Executive Branch, then he wasn't eligible for funding that was for the Executive Branch. That would mean that there wouldn't be any funding for the VP's mansion, his staff, etc.

But according to Joe Knollenberg and Dick Cheney, the laws of this country are supposed to bend to conform to Dick Cheney's will.

Knollenberg voted against the Emanuel amendment. In short, Knollenberg thinks Cheney should continue to receive funds even though Cheney asserts that he is not eligible for the funds.

Moreover, Knollenberg continues to support Cheney even though Cheney is violating the law by not allowing the National Archives to have oversight of how his office handles classified documents.

What has Joe KNollenberg done about this matter?

What is it with these rich elitists? Why do Paris Hilton and Dick Cheney think they are so important that they should be above the law? The devine right of "kings" was eliminated by the Magna Carta in 1215. We are a country that follows the rule of law, not the rule of individuals.

Joe Knollenberg Doesn't Stand Up for Oakland County.

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