Friday, June 29, 2007

Knollenberg's Inaction Defies Conservatives

As noted in the previous post, Vice President Dick Cheney is now asserting that he is above the law -- and Knollenberg is supporting him!!!!

Apparently Cheney is so out of control that even the most conservative of conservatives, Bruce Fein, is now calling for his impeachment. Fein was Reagan's associate deputy Attorney General.

When conservatives call for the impeachment of the "Corrupt King of Conservatives", you know it is bad a bad day at the White House.

But apparently "La La La" Knollenberg is either blissfully unaware of reality or he is supporting Cheney's unlawful activities. Of course it is impossible to tell from his "La La La" website -- it doesn't provide any information on any of the critical issues facing us today!! (What is the point of a website if it doesn't provide useful information?)
It gives new meaning to the term "Tricky Dick". Seems that Robert Bork is to Nixon what Knollenberg is to Cheney.

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