Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Official: BUSH & KNOLLENBERG Have Turned Iraq Into a Failed State

It is official, Joe Knollenberg and George Bush have turned Iraq into a failed state.

According to Reuters,
Iraq has emerged as the world's second most unstable country, behind Sudan. . .

The 2007 Failed States Index, produced by Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace, said Iraq suffered a third straight year of deterioration in 2006 with diminished results across a range of social, economic, political and military indicators. Iraq ranked fourth last year.

Afghanistan, another war-torn country where U.S. and NATO forces are battling a Taliban insurgency nearly six years after a U.S.-led invasion, was in eighth place.

Joe Knollenberg has walked lockstep with George Bush on the fiasco in Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg has voted for every single funding bill Bush has asked for and against every single bill that would put any timeframes on withdrawing troops.

Joe Knollenberg has not introduced a single piece of legislation to address the problems in Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg has voted for whatever George Bush asked for on Iraq. That makes Joe Knollenberg just as responsible for the failure of Iraq as George Bush.

In fact, if you want to know Joe Knollenberg's opinion on just about anything, ask George Bush. After all, Bush told Joe what his opinions were 96% of the time last year. Sleazy Lobbyists like Jack Abramoff and Trent Wisecup tell him what his opinion is the rest of the time.

We Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg.

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