Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Knollenberg's Iraq War & U.S. Troop Deaths

This is a graph illustrating the rate that U.S. troop deaths are increasing.

The numbers came from the Washington Post and http://www.icasualties.org/.

Note that the numbers for 2007 and beyond are projected -- assuming that the increase is linear.

Given the rapid jump in U.S. Troop deaths this year, it is unlikely that the increase is truly linear. It is more likely that the actual increase in the rate of U.S. troop deaths will actually be significantly higher than predicted.

But look at how quickly the rate of U.S. troop deaths rises. The more troops Knollenberg keeps in Iraq, the more casualties we can expect.

Yet, all the experts agree that there is no military solution to the problem in Iraq.

What has Joe Knollenberg done to resolve the crisis in Iraq? NOTHING.

He has not taken a lead role in the Iraq crisis. In fact, if you were to read his website, you'd be hard pressed to even find any information at all about Iraq. If he mentions it at all, it is under the category of "war on terror".

Joe Knollenberg has not proposed a single strategy, or single piece of legislation aimed at resolving the crisis in Iraq.

The only official activity Knollenberg takes part in is that he has approved every single dollar that Bush has requested for Iraq. No questions asked. Knollenberg just issues blank check after blank check.

Knollenberg's spending record on Iraq is matched only by his wasteful spending through earmarks. (Earmarks are special line items in appropriations bills where Knollenberg directs millions of dollars in taxpayer money to his campaign donors, sleazy lobbyists, and friends.)

Oakland County Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg Anymore.

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