Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knollenberg Is Not Even True to His Own Words

We know Joe Knollenberg doesn't listen to constituents. But now we know he doesn't even listen to himself!

Here is what Joe Knollenberg had to say earlier this year about the disaster in Iraq:

As to Bush's plan to escalate the war, on January 11, 2007, the Detroit News ran an article that noted that Joe Knollenberg supported Bush's "surge" of troops "but only with the condition that real progress is seen within about 90 days."

So if Knollenberg was a man of his word, then he would have re-evaluated the situation on April 11, 2007. But April 11, 2007 passed and Knollenberg didn't indicate that "real progress" was being made.

But he must have thought things were going well since on April 25th, KNOLLENBERG voted AGAINST setting timeframes for withdrawing troops.

Instead, listening to George Bush and sleazy lobbyists like Trent Wisecup, Knollenberg once again gave Bush a blank check and an open ended commitment to keep U.S. troops in Iraq.

Radio station WWJ AM has a similar statement, also dated January 11, 2007, attributed to Knollenberg on their webpage:

“His leadership is on the line here and he knows it,'' said Rep. JoeKnollenberg,
a Republican from Oakland County's Bloomfield Township. The congressman said he
would only offer ``conditional support'' for the plan andwanted to see
significant progress in the next three to four months.”

Even though it was the same day, this time Knollenberg gave himself up to 4 months to reevaluate the situation in Iraq to determine if there had been "significant progress".

That means he should have evaluated the situation by May 11, 2007. But rather than listen to the reports from the Generals and other experts, Knollenberg ignored them and voted to keep spending endless amounts of money and to sacrifice more and more American troops in the bloody civil war in Iraq.

So, although Knollenberg said he would only support the "surge" in Iraq if it showed progress within 3 or 4 months, Knollenberg ignored the reports from experts stating that there wasn't any progress. In fact, the situation was getting worse.

Apparently, even Joe Knollenberg doesn't listen to Joe Knollenberg.

Knollenberg only listens to George Bush and sleazy lobbyists.

We Can't Afford Joe Knollenberg Anymore.

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