Saturday, March 08, 2008

Joe's full record on animal rights and animal protection

Joe's record on animal rights and protection is abysmal. But it doesn't only affect animals. It affects you and your children and your grand children. Joe doesn't even want to protect his constituents from the possibility of sick animals making it into the human food chain. Joe voted to allow downed cows to be able to be processed for human consumption. Think about that the next time you feed your child a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Then think about who you're going to vote for in November. I hope it's not Joe Knollenberg.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Joe's middle class report card F's 3 years in a row

Joe's Middle class report card shows F's. 2007 report card to be mailed soon.

Knollenberg's Middle-Class Grades
2008 Final grade to be released 03.2009
2007 Final grade to be released 03.2008
2005 Grade F
2004 Grade F
2003 Grade F
2008 Year to Date Score
Voted on 4 of 4 bills considered.

Joe joins chorus calling for letting telecoms break the law

Apparently Joe Knollenberg is in favor of letting the Bush regime' and the telecoms break the law and shred the Constitution. Ask yourself this question, if the Bush regime' and the telecoms didn't break the law, why do they need retroactive immunity? I hope it's a rhetorical questions in your mind. I sure hope the Democrats stand tall and don't allow President Bush and the telecoms to destroy our civil liberties and break the law.

From the Michigan Republican "Victory Update"


Congressman Joe Knollenberg again expressed his disappointment that the Democrat Speaker, Nancy Pelosi continues to play political games with American national security. The failure of the House to hold a simple up-or-down vote on the Foreign Intelligence Survellience Act (FISA) leaves American security hanging in the balance. FISA gives US intelligence agencies critical tools to listen in on al-Qaeda terrorists who are plotting attacks against America. The Democrat leadership has indicated that a FISA vote is unlikely to happen yet again this week because they claim the schedule is too packed.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lennox receives reprimand from CMU

CMU student, Dennis Lennox, who has been stalking Congressional candidate, Gary Peters around CMU's campus, officially received a reprimand for breaking school rules yesterday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Joe Votes NO on repealing tax credits on oil companies

The oil companies are charging record prices for their product and making record profits, while average Americans suffer with the highest gas prices in history. The House of Representatives voted to repeal certain tax deductions for oil and gas companies. Joe voted no, don't repeal the tax deductions. Let oil companies make astronomical profits while average Americans suffer. Way to go, Joe.
Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 - Vote Passed (236-182, 11 Not Voting)

The House voted to repeal certain tax deductions for oil and gas companies in order to pay for the extension of renewable energy and energy conservation tax credits for individuals.