Friday, March 07, 2008

Joe joins chorus calling for letting telecoms break the law

Apparently Joe Knollenberg is in favor of letting the Bush regime' and the telecoms break the law and shred the Constitution. Ask yourself this question, if the Bush regime' and the telecoms didn't break the law, why do they need retroactive immunity? I hope it's a rhetorical questions in your mind. I sure hope the Democrats stand tall and don't allow President Bush and the telecoms to destroy our civil liberties and break the law.

From the Michigan Republican "Victory Update"


Congressman Joe Knollenberg again expressed his disappointment that the Democrat Speaker, Nancy Pelosi continues to play political games with American national security. The failure of the House to hold a simple up-or-down vote on the Foreign Intelligence Survellience Act (FISA) leaves American security hanging in the balance. FISA gives US intelligence agencies critical tools to listen in on al-Qaeda terrorists who are plotting attacks against America. The Democrat leadership has indicated that a FISA vote is unlikely to happen yet again this week because they claim the schedule is too packed.

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