Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oakland Press coverage of Protest at GOP picnic

Poor Republicans, they just think protesters showing up at their annual picnic is "unacceptable". Joe NOllenberg, completely lost his head.


Chet said...

Video of the event is on You Tube now, Bruce. Notably of your refusal to answer questions about the large national funding sources you receive, and you continuing refusal to apologize for the religious insults. I was particularly impressed with your spokesman/political operative. "[Bruce Fealk] apologizes to no one".

Any clarifications you'd like to make here?

Bruce Fealk said...

Great, where can I see it?

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

The "large national funding sources you receive"?

Wow. How do we get in on that?

Just because they have to pay you to participate doesn't mean that everyone is paid.

Clearly you underestimate the depth and breadth of anti-Knollenberg sentiment in the community.

I suggest you release your funding sources first, and then we can talk about other people.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chet is actually Chetly Zarko and get this, he's a paid politcal consultant. I wonder how much Joe is paying him? I wonder how much Marty Knollenberg paid him, since Chet touts Marty as one of his clients on his web site,

Chet said...


I have released my funding sources already (on my website, before the question was even asked)(although I don't get paid "to participate" for most of my activities, which I do because I believe in them (like this one), and I'm also in a business where I have the luxury of not doing anything I don't also believe in). Bruce hasn't disclosed his funding sources. Bruce has also criticized many others for their funding relationships, so the question to him is fair play.

He's the only one who hasn't answered.


(BTW, I haven't worked for Marty in months, and while I consider the family to be friends as a result of that relationship, I have never worked for Joe. My support of him to this point has always been spontaneous and of my own accord, with no expectation of anything in return.)