Friday, May 18, 2007

Joe, here's a show you ought to watch 5/18

Joe, I know your staff is watching this site on a daily basis, so I hope you get to see this before you leave for ... oh, I forgot, you've probably left Washington D.C. already, but maybe your staff is still going to check out this blog before the end of the day. There's an important show on PBS tonight I thought you'd want to know about. You might learn something, Joe. In case you miss it Joe, it will be streamed at after it airs on PBS.

Here's another report about the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

Miles to Go (Why can't America's car companies build a 100 mpg car)

Many of the cars now on America's roads get no better gas mileage than the ones we were driving twenty years ago. Meanwhile, other country's cars are leaving ours in the dust in terms of fuel efficiency. How did this happen, and what are American auto manufacturers doing about it?A former auto industry engineer and NOW correspondent Jonathan Silvers goes under the hood of the U.S. car industry to look at what's being called a colossal failure of American engineering. Does Detroit have a secret weapon waiting in the wings?


SharonRB said...

Interesting I can't find this show on tonight's schedule on PBS here.

Bruce Fealk said...

Sharon, it's on WTVS here on Sunday at 11 a.m.

SharonRB said...

Thanks, Bruce. I won't be home, so I'll either have to tape it or miss it.

Bruce Fealk said...

Sharon, you can watch it on the web also.