Thursday, June 21, 2007

Knollenberg Thinks Embryos Belong in an Incinerator

When fertility specialists fertilize embyros for implantation, they make extra embryos in case the implanted embryos are not carried to term. The extra embryos are frozen in case they need to be used in the future. Once it is determined that the extra ones are not going to be used for fertility purposes, they are then disposed of as medical waste. Since medical wastes are generally incinerated, the embryos are incinerated.

So, by voting against using those leftover embryos for stem cell research -- research that could result in dramatic advances in medical science -- Joe Knollenberg was effectively voting to mandate that those stem cells be incinerated.

Today we know why Joe Knollenberg voted the way he did. Because George Bush told him to vote against the bill. George Bush vetoed the second stem cell research bill this year.

So once again, Joe Knollenberg has voted the way George Bush wanted him to vote.

The only way we will get enough votes to pass a veto proof stem cell law is to put a Representative in Congress who understands the importance of technological advances and supports scientists in their quest for new and exciting discoveries.

Oakland County deserves an independent voice in Congress.

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