Monday, June 18, 2007

Knollenberg's Real Record on the Auto Industry

Joe Knollenberg's lobbyist has been putting editorials in the local papers saying how Joe Knollenberg is a "champion" of the auto industry.

Joe Knollenberg's voting record shows that he is not only NOT a champion, but he isn't even a supporter of the industry.

  1. Knollenberg voted YES on NAFTA (Rememberg Ross Perot's prediction that it would create a big sucking sound of our jobs to Mexico?)

  2. Knollenberg voted YES on CAFTA (so that we could ship jobs to Central America in addition to the ones that have been outsourced to China and India).

  3. Knollenberg voted YES on a Singapore trade agreement that undermines our industry's ability to compete.

  4. He has voted to give fast track authority to the President so that he can just sign trade agreements without allowing Congress to amend them (even though amendments would be necessary to help our domestic auto industry).

  5. Knollenberg supported the interests of the United Auto Workers ONLY 6% of the time in 2004.

None of the bills listed above are even remotely supportive of the Auto Industry. In fact, they hurt the auto industry and white collar and blue collar workers. The only ones who benefited are the CEOs and CFOs who always take care of themselves first. They got millions while you may lose your pension.

Knollenberg has NEVER introduced legislation to directly benefit the auto industry.

His lobbyist is writing letters to the Press now complaining about legislation that could be proposed some day, but Knollenberg has DONE NOTHING. That of course is where he gets his nickname, "Do Nothing" Knollenberg. It is a very fitting nickname.

Joe Knollenberg doesn't represent the interests of Oakland County voters.

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