Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Is Joe Knollenberg Trying to Hide?

What is Joe kNOllenberg trying to hide?

"Do Nothing" kNollenberg is notorious for doing favors for lobbyists and campaign donors. Like the time kNOllenberg arranged an $8 million dollar earmark for one of his biggest campaign donors.

But now Joe kNOllenberg is trying to hide something from the public. CNN contacted every member of Congress to find out what "earmarks" they snuck into legislation for FY2008. Joe Knollenberg refused to respond to CNN.

Last year, Congressman like Joe kNOllenberg snuck over $67 billion worth of earmarks into appropriation bills.

Even Republican's are disgusted with kNOllenberg's earmarks. Here is what the ultra conservative Republican Senator Coburn says on his webpage:

For example, Lason Services Inc.’s Beltsville office received a $5.4 million earmark to “make the historical climate record from the mid-1800s available online.” According to OMB Watch, a D.C.-based liberal nonprofit, Lason was awarded two more sole-source contracts totaling $4.7 million for the same purpose in 2006.

When we asked who sponsored the Lason earmarks, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s budget and public affairs office couldn’t tell us. Same response from the legislative office of the U.S. Commerce Department, NOAA’s organizational parent. Ditto NOAA’s Climate Data Modernization Project in Asheville, N.C., which was to receive Lason’s work product, and the House Appropriations Committee staff.

Nobody at Lason would talk, either, even though the firm could be considered by some an odd choice to get federal tax dollars. Lason filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and its CEO, COO and CFO were all either convicted or charged with fraudulently inflating company revenues two years later.

Finally, a spokesman for Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Mich., whose congressional district includes Lason’s headquarters in Troy, Mich., admitted the congressman had asked in 2003 that the financially troubled company be allowed to participate in NOAA’s climate history project.
So there went nearly $10 million down the drain. Joe kNOllenberg has one of the worst records in Congress in terms of how much he wastes on earmarks for his friends.

Again, the information above came from a Republican Senator's webpage. This is not Democratic Party information, nor information from some group who opposes kNOllenberg.

And of course, Joe kNollenberg wants to keep wasting tazpayer money.

That is why Joe kNollenberg consistently votes against legislation that would require that he make his earmarks public so we can see how he wastes money. [HRes 6, RollCall #9. See also, HRes 1000, Roll Call #449.]

Call Joe Knollenberg and ask him what earmarks he has put into legislation lately. I bet he won't tell you.

Joe Knollenberg has a reputation for wasting taxpayer money.

Oakland County cannot afford Joe Knollenberg.

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