Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Crazy Talk From Joe

It looks like Joe has finally gone over the edge: On Sunday, March 18th , Joe Knollenberg said:

"A random thought on a Sunday evening in Oakland County … if the“professional environmentalists” (those who get paid to shut down job-producing and wealth-generating industries like the automotive sector of the economy) wantAmerica to behave more like Western Europe on climate change … why do theycontinue to oppose allowing us to use nuclear power and diesel engine technology more fully?"
Does anyone know anyone who gets "paid to shut down job-producing and wealth-generating industries"?

I've never met anyone with that job title. How would they fit it on a business card?

That is just crazy talk.

Not mention his paranoia about people opposing diesel technology -- many of the new engines being produced today are diesel engines! What is he talking about? It is the auto industry's choice as to whether they want to use gasoline or diesel engines. The engines in Europe combined with the pollution standards here in the US would be great. Who is arguing against that?

Knollenberg has gone from a do-nothing Congressman to an hallucinating Congressman. I'm not sure, but it might be an improvement. At a minimum, it is more entertaining.

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