Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knollenberg still unconditionally supports Bush's War in Iraq -- Part 2

As we reported in Part 1, Joe Knollenberg has been a rubber stamp that just approves everything President Bush wants regarding the Iraq war. Michigan voters however strongly disagree with how Bush is handling the war in Iraq.

Joe Knollenberg supports An Open-ended commitment of U.S. Troops

It only took American's 3 1/2 years to defeat the Nazis in WWII, but we have already been in Iraq for over 4 years. And there is no end in sight.

Ever since voting to authorize the war in Iraq in October 2002, Joe Knollenberg has given Bush unflinching support for his "STAY THE COURSE" approach -- even though that approach has failed miserably by all accounts.

Knollenberg even supports Bush's current escalation of the war in Iraq. Knollenberg and Bush are sending over 40,000 new troops into Iraq this year alone.

But Michigan voters disagree with Bush and Knollenberg's plan to leave U.S. Troops in Iraq indefinitely. In fact, 49% of Michigan voters support withdrawing our troops over the next 6 months! [April 13-15 survey by Strategic Vision LLC.]

Knollenberg Does Not "Support The Troops"

Last month, Joe Knollenberg voted NO on a bill that provided supplemental funding to the troops in Iraq. President Bush requested $96 billion in additional funding for the troops and the Democratic Congress approved a bill that provided that funding. But Joe Knollenberg voted NO.
[HR 1591, Roll Call Vote 186]

In addition, the bill provided that troops are entitled to a year in between tours in Iraq and that they must be properly trained and equipped. But Joe Knollenberg voted NO. [HR 1591, Roll Call Vote 186]

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