Friday, December 28, 2007

3.3 Million MoveOn Members Target Joe Knollenberg

Joe Knollenberg is one of the most vulnerable members of Congress. We will have a strong, well funded candidate that will finally flip the 9th Congressional District of Michigan to the Democratic column and help turn this country around.

To help, please consider donating at Peters for Congress. There is no coordination of effort between MoveOn and the Peters campaign. However, Joe Knollenberg is one of the races that MoveOn has targeted in the 2008 election cycle.


MIKE said...

It is ashame that the Grand Old Party has become the Grand Corrupt Party. Illegal, immoral & inhuman has become the hallmark of Republicans today. And Knollenberg has chosen party over country - time after time. It is time for change.

MIKE said...

Hey Joe - are you condoning what your Party is doing - 'caging' voters? Is that how you will try to sustain a Republican presence in our elections - stop the people of color - of the left - from voting? Is caging going on in Michigan as well as Kansas, Ohio and Florida? Is the Michigan GOP doing criminal activity here also? Is that why you support the criminal George Bush so much?