Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gary Peters Showing some Courage on Health Care

Last night the 9th District Democratic Committee held a forum between Gary Peters and Nancy Skinner. In this video Gary Peters addresses health care in America, endorsing a Medicare for all plan. Since Joe won't come out in public and debate Gary Peters, here's the next best thing.

Here's what Joe has to say on health care

Here's Joe's Health Care Plan


Zark-Vader said...

Why would Joe debate Peters before the primaries are over?

I think Nancy Skinner would find that a bit offensive. BTW, I commend Skinner for not being as radical on health care. See my blog for the commentary.

Bruce Fealk said...

But if you start out from a position of compromising your beliefs, then where do you end up? If you say you are going to be a Congressman with courage, then show some courage of your convictions. You never start out in a negotiation from a position of weakness. That's what Nancy is doing, in my opinion, already dialing down her expectations.