Friday, February 22, 2008

On Friday 2/22/08, I attended the Senate Appropriations Committee on Higher Education Funding

On Friday afternoon, February 22, 2008, I attended the Michigan Senate Committee on Higher Education Appropriations. Dennis Lennox, of Students Against Gary Peters, was in attendance also. Dennis gave about a 12 minute presentation, after which I testified also. Dennis testified that his beef with Gary Peters "is not political." Well, I have to say, if this isn't politically motivated, I don't know what is. Lennox attended a press conference at Central Michigan University with Michigan Republican Chair, Saul Anuzis. There's even pictures of Lennox and Anuzis at CMU holding their press conference. Here's a little video I put together with just a bit of Mr. Lennox's testimony. I'm not the best video editor in the world, but you get the idea.

If this isn't political, why is Dennis Lennox holding a press conference with Saul Anuzis, Chair of the Michigan Republican party

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MIKE said...

I do not need a higher education to recognize the obvious Republican Karl Rove playbook - smear the Democrat. When your ideas are bankrupt, don't try to sell them to the public, just smear the opposition. Not this time. Time for change!