Sunday, March 09, 2008

Democrat takes seat formerly held by Dennis Hastert

In a stunning development, Bill Foster (D)defeated Jim Oberweis (R). The NRCC invested 20% of its cash on hand trying to retain this seat and failed. Why am I mentioning this here? Because it bodes well for Gary Peters defeating Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg. Oakland county is a 50/50 district and trending more Democratic every election cycle.
568 of 568 Precincts Reporting - 100%

Bill Foster (D): 53% (52,010)
Jim Oberweis (R): 47% (46,988)

Chris Van Hollen, chair of the DCCC, sent the following statement via e-mail last night.

"Congratulations to Bill Foster on his victory tonight. Bill Foster’s victory in the seat that was held by Speaker Hastert sends a political shock wave across America this election year. It is a stunning rejection of the Bush Administration, its Republican allies, and presidential nominee John McCain. Republican candidates learned tonight that Senator McCain, who campaigned with the Republican nominee, cannot save them from defeat this November against strong Democratic challengers, even in districts that voted overwhelmingly for President Bush.

"Despite spending 20 percent of the their cash on hand, the NRCC was unable to hold a seat easily won by President Bush and held by Speaker Hastert for 20 years. Americans of all political stripes are rejecting Republicans’ divisive, status quo politics and turning to Democratic candidates for change. I am grateful to Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Barack Obama, and the Illinois Democratic delegation and candidates for encouraging the people of this district to vote for change by supporting Bill Foster.

"Voters of all political stripes responded to Bill Foster’s commitment to change. With his unique background as a respected scientist and a successful businessman, Bill Foster will be a tremendous asset to our Democratic Caucus, as we continue fighting to strengthen our economy and ease the squeeze on America’s struggling middle class families."


MIKE said...

TIME FOR CHANGE! TIME FOR CHANGE! TIME FOR CHANGE! Not more of the same, but a new direction.

angle said...

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