Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gary Peters is out to win for us all. Kevorkian out for himself

Running as an independent, Jack Kevorkian won't win, but he could be a factor in a close race. Based on the stories in the papers yesterday, Kevorkian's only reasons for running are selfish ones. Gary Peters is out to help provide the change we need in Washington. I have no doubt Kevorkian is in to stay, given his quotes in the stories I've seen. I also believe the votes he does get will come from independents and Democrats. So, what do Democrats have to do to make sure Gary Peters is our representative, work even harder for Gary Peters to make sure the few thousand votes Kevorkian pulls from Peters are not the margin of victory for Joe Knollenberg. Every phone call, every door knocked, every dollar donated have to count. We have to make sure Gary's message gets out effectively by every method available.

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Parolee Kevorkian seeks seat in House
Assisted-suicide advocate to push forindividual rights


March 25,2008

"I have never been a political person. I have only voted once in mylife," he said, during a rambling news conference Monday in Southfieldin which he quoted a range of historical figures that included Alexis de Tocqueville and Frederick Douglass.

Kevorkian plans to run as an Independent candidatein the 9th Congressional District, for a seat that is held by U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg, R-Bloomfield Township.
Kevorkian promised to stay in officeonly two years if elected.

"I'm 79, almost 80," he said. "That's old."

His goal is to raise awareness of the Ninth Amendment, which says rights spelled out in the Constitution do not diminish rights that aren't specifically spelled out.


MIKE said...

And you can believe the Republicans will exploit his silly candidacy to try and give Knollenberg an edge. Same old story - Republicans can't win on an honest debate of the issues, so they resort to "dirty tricks", false issues, fear mongering, ethnic devisiveness, and corruption of the election process, to win.

Zark-Vader said...

The only thing I see here is YOU AND FEALK trying to exploit Kevork's candidacy, drumming up money, and using him as an excuse and claiming he is a "dirty trick" because you have nothing better to do. Kill your own supporters - just like you did with Nader.

Dems couldn't beat Nader in "honest debate on the issues," so they argued he was "selfish" and "unwinnable". The only other thing I'll say is that when R's do it to Libertarians it is just as stupid and pointless and counterproductive. When Hillary made the "inevitability" argument, as soon as the their was a crack of hope for OBama, she was toast because her campaign had nothing to fall back to. It was vacuous - almost as vacuous as O'Bama, who just has more charisma.

Guys, this is part of the process. Leave Kevork alone. Let him be - stop strawman-ing him. Its not only right, its your best strategy.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chetly, I don't think Kevorkian is a dirty trick. I think he has one issue he wants to get lots of attention for, the 9th Amendment. He has no other platform other than that, as least that's what the news articles about his announcement say.

He will not deprive the Democrats of Joe's seat. Heck, I'd love to see Jack and Joe and Gary in a debate. I think it would be most amusing to see Jack Kevorkian answer serious policy issues.

MIKE said...

Excuse me Zark - but I am accusing the Republicans - in advance - of exploiting Korvorkian. Unlike most Republicans who would vote for the devil himself as long as he ran as a Republican, Democrats are independent thinkers. Not always good political stratagy, but in keeping with how we view democracy.
As for Nadar - well his candidacy in the past might have had value IF we governed with a parlimentary system - but we don't. Like it or not, we are stuck with a "practical" two party system. Given the past nearly 8 years with Bush, I'd be willing to bet a lot of Nadar voters wished they hadn't.