Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess who doesn't really support the troops

Joe Knollenberg says he supports our troops. But guess what, actions speak louder than words. There is a new 2008 GI bill. It has 235 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. Guess who isn't one of those co-sponsors. If you guessed Joe Knollenberg, you'd be right.

Here's a video about the 2008 GI Bill:

This is what Joe has to say on his web site.
Joe in his own words:

America must maintain the strongest military in the world to defend our way of life from the threat of terrorists who want to destroy us. 9/11 changed everything.

I have consistently voted to provide our soldiers with the most updated and sophisticated military equipment. And I have voted numerous times to increase the pay of the brave Americans who are in harm’s way.

There is no greater sacrifice an individual can make. We must never shortchange our troops.

I feel just as strong about our veterans. In the past five years, I have voted to increase spending on veterans benefits from $48 billion to $71 billion.

This year, I voted for the largest increase in veterans spending in the Veterans Affairs Department’s 77-year history. I am frugal when it comes to the federal budget, but we must honor our commitments to our veterans. They risked everything to keep us safe. We need to ensure they have the benefits they deserve.


Zark-Vader said...

Since the House leadership and primary sponsor controls who's name gets listed as co-sponsors on particular bills and who doesn't, the fact that there are 235 co-sponsors to a bill or 2 co-sponsors, and that Joe isn't one of them, hardly means anything.

Alas, I don't know enough about the bill to know whether he should or shouldn't vote for it, but I thought I'd point out how the sponsor process works. As usual, you try to make an issue of something where it doesn't exist.

Bruce Fealk said...

Oh, you mean like Reverend Wright?