Sunday, May 04, 2008

Democrat Takes Seat from 20-year Incumbent in Louisiana. Look Out Joe

Boy, is Joe Knollenberg in trouble. Last night it was reported that the Democrats took back a seat in Louisiana that has been Republican since 1974. Joe only won by about 5% in 2006. Change is in the air Joe, and Democrats are taking back the 9th Congressional District of Michigan.
Dems add to majority with Cazayoux win in La.
Posted: 05/03/08 11:17 PM [ET]
House Democrats continued to expand their majority Saturday night after Louisiana state Rep. Don Cazayoux emerged victorious in a special election for retired Rep. Richard Baker’s (R) district.

The win comes two months after Democrats picked up their first seat of the year. In March, Democrat Bill Foster won the Illinois seat of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R). That seat, like the Louisiana contest, was in solidly Republican areas. President Bush carried the Illinois district with 55 percent and the Louisiana district with 59 percent in 2004.

Cazayoux benefited from a strong fundraising advantage over Woody Jenkins — $810,000 to $490,000 — with much of the help coming from national Democrats. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spent $920,000 on the contest.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) only spent $440,000 on the race and Jenkins received less than $40,000 from GOP members.

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MIKE said...

When you are on the bad guy list of several enviornmental, animal and human rights lists and the only ones for you are the chamber of commerce - I'd be nervous too. People are connecting the dots and realize that RepubliCONS don't give a damn about the middle class. They will vote their pocketbook.