Friday, June 06, 2008

Joe and Many Republicans Vote Against Efficient Schools

I borrowed this post from another blog, but since Joe fell into the category of Congressmen voting against this bill, I thought it was important to include here.

Republicans Vote Against Efficient Schools

Republican politicians are always complaining that public schools are not efficient enough. They use this complaint as an excuse for cutting off the funds that public schools need to give American children an adequate education.

Yesterday, the Democrats in Congress called the Republicans’ bluff. You want efficient public schools? Good. Congressman Ben Chandler, who is very far from liberal, had introduced H.R.3021, the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act. The proposed law would encourage public schools to run efficiently.

No more money-guzzling out of date school buildings. No more safety hazards for American children. The legislation would provide an investment in energy-efficient, healthy, technologically-updated schools. That way, taxpayers would save huge amounts of money on their property taxes by not having to pay so much on energy costs for schools at a time when the price of energy is shooting through the roof.

Under this law, more money would go toward quality education. Less taxpayer money would go to just keeping children warm in the winter, or to protecting schoolchildren in the South from record-breaking heat. For a small national investment in efficient schools, taxpayers around the country would get huge savings for an entire generation to come.

This legislation does exactly what Republicans say they want to do. It makes public schools more efficient. In fact, the bill makes such plain sense that 27 Republican members of the House of Representatives crossed the aisle yesterday to vote in favor of it. Thanks to them, the bill passed, and will become law if passed by the Senate. One of those Congressmen was our own Joe Knollenberg. Let's hear it for Joe. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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MIKE said...

It is all part of the RepubliCON stratagy to keep the middle class ignorant and subservient. How do the corporatist rule in a democracy? Simple - keep them uneducated - supress their vote - force them to struggle to make ends meet and divide them with stupid hot button issue that have nothing to do with their pocketbooks or quality of life. Oh ya, control the media and feed them pablum!