Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oakland Press Letter Points out Misinformaton

Today's Oakland Press has another letter pointing out the lies that were printed on the Letters to the Editor page about me and about my campaign to unseat Joe Knollenberg. It's nice to read some truth for a change.

Lies are the hallmark of Republican and Joe Knollenberg's campaign, but that's nothing new.

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MIKE said...

It is interesting to note that letters to the editor, in some peoples mind, carries the same value as any official position by any candidate. Letters to the editor are opinions - plain and simple. Why some people mix 'apples and oranges' are a mystery to me. We all have a right to voice our opinions, but let us not confuse that with the official positon of any candidate for any office. Challenge the record of Joe Knollenberg, as I have many times, but to intimate our opinions is the work of the Peters campaign is ludicrous. Mr. Peters has ample examples of the differance between them without relying on we citizen pundants to carry his banner.