Thursday, August 28, 2008

Knollenberg Could Lose in November

From Michigan Messenger, they report that Knollenberg's negatives are very high at 47%. Hopefully thanks a little bit to yours truly.

By Diane Sweet 8/26/08 11:20 PM

In Oakland County (MI-09) the latest poll shows incumbent Republican Joe Knollenberg leading Democrat Gary Peters 43 percent to 36 percent, but polling data indicate that lead could disappear as Peters’ name recognition grows through campaigning.

In the Ninth Congressional District, voters are unhappy with Knollenberg’s job performance: 47 percent give him negative marks, compared with 35 percent positive.

Peters, a former state lottery commissioner and state senator from Bloomfield Township, is not recognized by 56 percent of voters, while only 10 percent said they didn’t recognize Knollenberg’s name

While pollsters say Knollenberg has the advantage this election cycle, the Ninth District has been battered for years by the loss of jobs in the auto industry and home foreclosures that will surely weigh upon voters’ minds as they head to the polls in November. If Peters’ name recognition improves as it should as we near Election Day, the increasingly Dem-leaning Ninth District could decide it’s time to say buh-bye Joe, and hello to change.

Polling results also show that when those polled are read biographies of each candidate that includes their ages (Knollenberg is 75; Peters is 49), Peters gains a four-point lead over the nine-term incumbent.

An increasing Democratic-leaning constituency in Oakland County may also plague Knollenberg at the polls come November. The vocal Democrats in the area have long decried Knollenberg’s support of the war in Iraq and his failure to vote in favor of the failed SCHIPS legislation that would have provided health care insurance for thousands of Michigan children

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